questionswhy are people so stupid?


I can beat your stupid friend story:
I'm a college student working towards a nursing degree and this past spring semester, I had a Microbiology class. Well, there was a girl in there who i had a Chemistry class with the semester before. So one day in our Microbiology lab, we're discussing genetics and the effect radiation has on our DNA. Now, this was just after the horrible tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, so our teacher decided to incorporate the lesson with the news, about how the radiation from Japan's nuclear reactors would affect Japan's citizens. So, my stupid classmate, during all this, turns to me and asks "What happened in Japan?" so i told her about the earthquake, which she said she knew about, but was wondering why there was radiation. When I told her about the reactors, she told me that she thought Japan was testing nuclear weapons and the earthquake set them off.


So, I brushed it off, going back to listening to the lecture, when she turns to me and asks a question which is possibly the dumbest question known to man. She asked me "What continent is Japan connected to?" (yes, you read that right). Now, the stupidity of this question threw me way off my train of thought and the only answer I could think of was to tell her Japan was an island and not necessarily connected to any continent (i know it was stupid to say that, but her question made my brain hurt so much i couldn't think) to which she tells me she knows Japan is an island, she wants to know what continent it's a part of. So, by now, my mind is working again so I'm able to tell her that it's a part of Asia. Upon hearing this, she gets excited and says "Oh!! Like China?!?!?!?!" Which I completely ignored. I decided to leave that class a little early because I felt that I may have actually murdered her to prevent her procreation.


Parents didn't educate them, too much TV (especially reality TV shows which teach you that being an annoying B is cool), too many distractions, poor education (public school specifically, mainly for elementary), bad genetics, spoiled


@captainsuperdawg: Reminds me of when my sister was watching Titanic with her friend and myself. After the movie, her friend goes "Man, could you believe if that actually happened?"


However, I believe the girl you are calling stupid could know a lot more than you do in a certain area and could possible think you too are stupid.


@holymythos: She probably meant, could you believe if that really happened to yourself if you were there.


@iggz: nope, she was crazy and absolutely stupid. she also tried to scam the government by saying she had her own business and needed some sort of financial aid. so, in order to prove her business, she made up people and signed all their names on a piece of paper saying that she had provided them all a service from her business. not a bad idea, except for the fact that the names were easily fake and she signed them all in the exact same handwriting. We also had to diagnose a specific strain of bacteria in that class within 8 weeks and in that space of time, she didn't get past the first step in the diagnostic process: the gram stain. on a few occasions, she stained the wrong side of her slide and wound up breaking a few slides with the microscope. So, there's no chance she's smarter than me in any way, whether it's book smarts or just plain common sense. Btw, these aren't the only stupid things she's done, just the highlight reel if you will


@captainsuperdawg: Did you have to breed drosophila melanogaster?


@iggz: nope because drosophila melanogaster is the scientific name for a certain species of fly, not bacteria. we cultured many different bacterial species, but nothing multicellular.


@captainsuperdawg: yeah I know fruit flies aren't bacteria... I was just wondering if you did the drosophilia lab in genetics class. I had to and it was such a pain, mainly because we had to have 2 other lab partners for it and the other 2 people in my group didn't really know what the hell they were doing.

I was at a party once and had to go up to the lab at like 10pm to go count the different phenotypes lol, some people came with me was funny.


@iggz: naw, we never did that. we just learned the how of DNA replication and all that fun stuff about amino acids, mRna, tRna, rRNA, nucleotides etc.


you get what you pay for. When your employer offers better compensation, they'll get a better class of employee.


@kamikazeken: no matter what the job is like, you should still expect every adult human being without a mental disorder to know certain skills. working a four digit door code definitely isn't something anyone should find difficult.


I blame it on human interference with natural selection, of course. Without fatal consequences for acts of stupidity or stupid behaviors the idiot genes have been allowed to propagate. I am only kidding, of course.

People all have different genetic compositions and were raised in varying environments. It should be unsurprising that some of these combinations yield individuals who are, for lack of a better word, idiots.


You obviously work with at least one person dumber than she is...the person who HIRED her. (I could rant for days about stupid people in so-called "professional" settings!!)


she doesn't care enough to do things right, that's my guess


There is an upper limit to the amount of intelligence that can be contained in any fixed space. You've noticed it at meetings, where normally intelligent individuals become idiots in a small room.

So, either your store is overcrowded, or it is the global limit of intelligence that the planet can contain. I'm leaning toward the latter, because the amount of stupid I see seems to be increasing.

As an aside, stupid is supposed to hurt, but why does it hurt the people around the stupid more often?


Stupid people like that always seem to get promoted in my work place.


The total intelligence of the world is constant, the population is growing.


dyslexia or some other developmental issue?


"People who are great at something are not so much convinced of their own greatness as mystified at why everyone else seems so incompetent"
-- Paul Graham, founder of ViaWeb


Stupid is as stupid does.


Stupid always has a natural way to correct itself. Sometimes it involves maiming or death, but it does correct itself.


About 4 years ago when I was studying in college for my associates degree, I had to take a Political Science class. You know, the one where the professor babbles on about US and world governments, court cases and other political stuff.

During this time, the Tara Lynn Grant case was huge, going nation-wide...However I'm a local to Michigan and the story was just about the only thing that any reporter was talking about.

One day we had an open discussion -- it was a "special" day wherein we had to stand and discuss one thing that was happening in the news. Student to student, everyone mentioned a new fact about the Tara Lynn Grant case. EVERYONE was following it. At the end of everyone going down the rows saying something about it --- the teacher's jaw dropped. He was confused. "Did I miss something??" Tara Lynn Grant had only been in the news for 6 months straight now.... "Who is Tara Lynn??"


@captainsuperdawg: Also earning my RN degree. Microbiology was hands down my favorite class. Disgusting fact of the day: Every student had to swipe a surface somewhere in the school and culture the bacteria using the various methods on the agar. Some used the school toilets, others the floor or the drinking fountain. I used a dollar bill out of my wallet. Being that I live a few hours from Vegas, no one was surprised when my culture turned up Neisseria Gonorrheae. The stripper ones from the Strip made their way into my wallet.


I can't answer that question but have a story to add. A woman I work with was complaining that her cat kept breaking his food bowl. She has to feed him on the counter because of her dogs and he would knock it on the tile floor when he finished. I suggested she start feeding him in a plastic or metal bowl instead of a glass one. She thought I was a genius. Next day she complained plastic didn't work because the dogs chewed up the plastic one. I told her to use metal then. She glared at me and said "Well, you said to use plastic!" Ahhhhh and she has 4 kids.........


@maggie3052: That's a hard stupid story to top. You win.


@dreamyvelvet: ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!! my stupid classmate almost infected us all w/ E. coli. it was her mystery bacteria that she was assigned to diagnose. she would use an innoculating loop and never sterilize it. she would actually put the damn thing back with all the other sterile loops!! she never diagnosed it since she performed her 5th gram stain on the last day in lab, but i wound up asking the teacher what she had. when she told me it was E. coli, I about went to my dr. to get some preemptive antibiotics b/c that is just plain disgusting, but i decided to chance it and i survived


@dreamyvelvet: And that's why I don't carry cash