questionsis there a room in your house that you stay out…


No, but there is a room in your house I'd like to stay out of.


My house is over 100 years old and has a 50 year old addition. There's a dirt basement that I have been in perhaps twice in the 28 years I have lived in it. Once was to remove a semi-mummified cat that had evidently crawled in through a gap in the wall and died at the beginning of winter, and started to moulder when spring came. When I moved in we found a rotted mattress and a very old diary in the basement. I never opened the diary, but something about it and the basement seriously creeped me out. I have a recurring dream where my family and friends all live together in an enormous house. The group composition and the house itself always changes, but one thing is always the same. There is always a room in this house, often a basement, where no one can go. Something terrible is there, or it leads to somewhere terrible, or something terrible will happen if the door is opened. The "plotline" of these dreams is always protecting my loved ones against opening that door.


There's a creepy crawl space I've never been in, but I'm not sure that counts as a "room." The creepiest part is that access to the crawl space is behind some sort of cupboard-looking doors, located on the wall leading to the master bedroom. I've peeked in, but all I can see are some steps and insulation.


The room with all my postponed unfinished and unstarted projects scares me.


@f00l: I have one of those too. Luckly it is spider free.


There's a teeny tiny room, more like a closet , in the basement where the sump pump and the main water valve are located.
There are things in there that have never seen the light of day. I hope it stays that way.

Ok. Now I have sufficiently creeped myself out just thinking about it.


I stay out of my dungeon because I suspect it's haunted. Occasionally I hear rattling of chains and moaning in the middle of the night.


My wife stays out of the room where I keep 3 chest freezers for the hobos I pick up along the road every few years. She almost came in once to ask why I was using a chainsaw in the house.


@moondrake: ok now i'm creeped out by your basement. have you considered doing some historical research on your house?

to answer the original question, i live in an apartment, so there aren't any rooms in my apartment i don't go into. however, if i did have a house, i'd probably stay out of the basement if it had one.


man, i wish i had a basement.

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The room I try to avoid at all costs is my daughter's. She seems fine with the chaos inside and I am glad the door closes.


In the house I grew up in, there there were four bedrooms on the second floor and one of them just gave me the creeps every time I went in it, which was as few times as possible. Bright, sunny room, but I didn't like it at all.


@kfujita: It's pretty simple. The architect who designed a lot of the really nice houses in town at the turn of the last century built my tiny house and lived in it for two years while having a mansion on the hill built for him and his new wife. The family that moved in after them lived there for 63 years. The kids' names and the date were finger-written into the concrete walkway when they poured it in 1932. Even though the house is over 100 years old, I am only the third owner.

@icemanforlife: When I wrote the post I wondered where that diary had gone. I think one of the friends who helped me clean out the space took it, since I clearly didn't want it.