questionsdo you use


I actually use yodlee because it will also track all of my local utilities so I can see everything (except my tradeking account) all on one site.

I really like yodlee. Mint uses the same back end, it's just laid out differently but for some reason you don't have the option of adding your local utilities.


I am sure is a very good company. However, I am not willing to divulge my online banking information to them. The less people that have my username and password the better.


I use mint, as do people in my family and good friends, and have never had any problems with it. Keep in mind you are divulging quite a bit of information to a third party here, however there haven't been any issues with that so far, at least. I find it really helpful in staying on top of my finances myself.


Mint is cool, but you do have to give them your banking information as well as login to their sites so they can pull your info and load it up all nice and pretty with colors and pie charts and stuff.

I use it, but I waited a good year before taking the plunge for the same reason. But so far so good, no unauthorized charges or missing moneys. I really do like their colors too. Better than what my checkbook does.