questionshas anyone bought anything from overrunz?


First - SPAM!

Second - I would never buy anything from a store that uses "z" in place of "s" or any other type of stupid slang

Third - SPAM!

Fourth - ToyWatch is probably an appropriate brand for a website that uses "z" in place of "s" to be selling, i.e., they're both crap


@90mcg112: How is it spam? I see community members place items on here all the time that aren't deals at all. I don't work for Never have. Im new to the daily deal community, I bought a product from this site. The shipping and service was good. I checked out their roster today and all the products were priced very well, so I posted them hoping to get feedback. I like the site and I'm looking to see if anyone else has had a good experience like me. What is wrong with that? I'm sorry that you feel you have to be so negative.


@ceolacanth: Seriously? This morning I caught you with two shill accounts on another question. I wish the mods wouldn't have deleted it. There was a question identical to this one posted by one of your shill accounts, in which there was two comments and one mistakenly posted from your other shill account, @bburst123.

If you don't have some interest in boosting's reputation around here then it's some Miracle of God that two IDENTICAL questions were posted by yourself, and someone with a day old account, all within 3 minutes of eachother.