questionsdid cavemen laugh at farts?


Was there an upper class of cavemen who felt they were above it? Were the first comedians just gassy cavemen?


Yes, especially when the farter's backside was too close to the fire


I'm pretty sure that they did. After all boys haven't really changed in the past 100,000 years have they :-0


@minxa1: What do you mean "boys"? I'll bet that cavewomen (and I use that term loosely) did their share of farting too.


Undoubtedly so, afterall we still do today.


Farts are timelessly and universally funny.


DId they laugh when a funny question was posted on an online question board?
...Maybe not. But, farts are funny at any age at any point in human history


So I guess the expression was 'Who cut the mammoth?'.


I knew that if I posted this question before bed it would put me in a guaranteed good mood this morn. Thanks for making me smile as usual!

BTW, what got me laughing to myself thinking about this with my 3 year old daughter. I was walking into the kitchen holding our newspaper, my daughter was on the computer. I felt I could slip one out without her hearing, that was not the case. Without skipping a beat she turned to me and said "mommy, dud that newspaper just fart?" And started to laugh at herself!

So I'm assuming if a 3year old is making fart jokes it must built into our DNA!


I hope so, i don't wanna live in a world where farts haven't always been funny.


Farts are funny because they have been dubbed socially unacceptable. I wouldn't be surprised if to an uncivilized barbaric caveman a fart was just a bodily function like any other.

If my dog farts it doesn't think its funny because it is a dog without any social criteria to live within.

But its a mystery really, hopefully science will be able to tell us more about farting culture of cavemen one day...