questionswhat is your black friday deal threshold?


I'm debating if $50 is enough to get up and fight the crowds for an xbox... right now I'm thinking no.

Edit: $50 in savings, that is.


FYI: A lot of Black Friday deals, including many from Best Buy, are available online starting at midnight EST.

Don't get me wrong, if you really enjoy standing in line in the cold for several hours just to fight an old lady for the last of an item, that's cool for you. It's just not my thing.

I got a Black Friday deal on an HDTV from Best Buy a few years ago including "white glove delivery". I was done by 12:30AM and slept in on the morning of Black Friday!


Think of it as an experience. My son or sons (if #2 isn't being slug) head out with me and we grab munchies and talk and track down items like a scavenger hunt. We have fun and save money.


Pretty high, which effectively means I don't do Black Friday, except from my living room. (The more the savings, the less likely you are to get it as there is always someone more desperate than me.)

I'll offer to take my daughters somewhere if they want, but I'm likely to be home in bed as I have in the past.


I balance savings vs crowdedness of store vs how much I like the store. I am more patient with stores I like. But mostly I go for stuff that I'd rather not buy online like shoes and bedding and leave the electronics for online shopping. Stuff like shoes and bedding also doesn't have the same take-no-prisoners attitude that shopping for electronics deals seems to engender.


It depend for me but 33% is usually my minimum cut off for an item that is carried year round.

But what most of you people who don't do black Friday fail to take into account is that most of the best things available on black Friday aren't sold any other time. Especially TV's, clothes, and Computers. In fact I would go so far as to say 66% of the skus across all the stores are products that they don't normally carry. (obviously some places are lower and places like walmart are closer to 95%)

So know I can't tell you how much this was, because we have never sold it before you fat jerk. I can't tell you what it will cost tomorrow because there won't be any tomorrow you evil dim witted moron.

Unfortunately This question is meaning less because that's pretty much not how black friday works.


If it's on the Internet & I can buy it at 12:01 am, count me in.

Otherwise, it needs to still be on the shelf when I get there - I'm not standing in line for any discount...


I do Black Friday but I would never stand outside for hours at BestBuy, which invariably has the worst horror stories. They tend to have the best deals, and so the greatest number of ppl who show up only to be disappointed. I go to stores that have the greater number of items that interest me, rather than the greatest deal on one item. I'd rather save that $50 on 5 items than wait out in the cold on one item that they've just run out of.


For me I am looking to save at least $75 on a TV. The problem I am having is that I am trying to get a 40-inch TV into a 38.75 inch wide cabinet. Most of the 40-inch TVs are a little more than 39" wide. So my requirements are a cheap TV that is small enough to fit in my cabinet. Target has the one I need, I think. Strange criteria, I know.


You guys are missing out on the spirit of black Friday. It is like tailgating at a football game. I love the deals but the experiences are the greatest part about Black Friday. Where else are you going to get to see two moms get into a fist fight over an item their kid wants.

Also I usually go for the Blu-ray and Video game sales. This year it is $5 Blu-rays at Wmart. Also, if you don't already own it Battlefield 3 Seems to be a big item this year for anywhere between $30 and $40


@segafanalways: Digging through a $5 Blu-Ray bin at Walmart sounds like absolute torture. Watching two chicks scratching each other's eyes out over $5 Blu-Rays: Priceless.


@wnyx585am: The movies for these sales, at least at wmart, are set up in an easy to find fashion. Obviously after the first 5 or 10 mins these are no longer nice or organized but they are still much easier to go through then the bin they have for the DVD's


To actually get out to the store, I'd want a large enough number of deals on things I'm interested in. Maybe one or two will be unpopular enough that I can go in at a decent time to try and get one.

Internet-wise, I'm trying for a 32" HDTV for $150-$200, and (dimly) hoping for some of the halfway decent Android tablets to hit $250 or so. For a mid-to-high end device, I'd pay $250 or $300.


@khellendros1984: I used to think that it might be worth it if there were multiple items I want. But at most of the retailers I've seen (Best Buy in particular), you can't really count on there being any stock left of items 2, 3, 4... by the time you've obtained the item you want most.


@khellendros1984: It sounds like your online wishlist is pretty reasonable. I have seen the Toshiba Thrive for $300 or even less a few different times over the last few weeks (assuming you consider that a mid to high end tablet) and I would imagine you will see that and others pretty low for the next few weeks. The TV pricing doesn't sound too far fetched also since I am pretty sure I have seen deals close to that. Good luck!


Depends on what you're buying.

I used to work for Circuit City. The Black Friday deals on LCD TVs would seem cheap. But in actuality, the model number of the TVs we got in would be slightly different than the one we normally sold in stores. Upon further investigation, I found out they would have lower contrast ratios, slower response times, poor speakers, etc etc. So just beware. I'd watch wireless routers and the like for similar tactics.

Oh and me personally... I really don't need anything and Xmas shopping is nearly done. BUT I like the spirit of Black Friday. I do intend to get out there and mix it up, but I'm not waiting in line for a store to open. And probably won't even hit Best Buy or WalMart. My first stop is Old Navy. lol


Forget risking dieing in a stampede, I do most of my BF shopping online. You can get most of the same deals, sometimes earlier than in the stores if they still open at 5 am.



Hey. I haven't verified this, but my officemate said that there is a deal on eBay right now for an Acer Iconia tablet at $260, I think. I'll see if I can get more details for you in a little while.


I am not home in the States right now, but when I am, I usually have a large X-Mas list that I will sit out in front of stores with all night long. My wife and I get together with my in-laws and extended family and decide who is going to sit outside what store. Usually we are within the for 10 people to go in, so we get what we want. So ya, I guess you could say that we are pretty hardcore at Black Friday shopping lol. But, now lots of companies are having the same sales online, soy ya, it might not be worth it anymore.


@khellendros1984: I'm with you. There would have to be multiple items at one store that are on my list to make a trip worthwhile. I haven't seen it yet.

Rabbit trail: Am I the only person who thinks it's funny how shoppers team up and get all commando with their two-way radios?

Also: Skip the shopping cart and go directly to where the item is or grab the shopping cart and try and push it through the crowds?


@baqui63: Needs Paypal though, right? I've chosen not to do business with them.



Not sure. I couldn't find a deal for $260 (only for $275) and my friend had already left for the day. Today, I forgot to ask him.

Just curious: what is your problem with PayPal?


I look online for most deals (Amazon matches many of the in-store deals, though it might be slightly delayed), but I sometimes go to the stores. I wait until a couple hours after stores have opened so I don't have to fight the crowds as much. If I'm going for 1 thing, it's usually not worth it.


The best deal on the 3DS is right now at Target:

It's $145 11/20-11/23 this week! If you want Mario 3D Land with it, that's $184. If you sign up for their free debit card (checking account required - voided check required to sign up) you get an extra 5% off of any purchases.

Grand total for a 3DS+Game bundle? $174.80.

I had no trouble finding the 3DS at Target this week. However, people are waiting for those Black Friday deals that aren't as good - and I think the 3DS WILL SELL OUT!!! Even Best Buy or Target won't beat this price on Black Friday.