questionswhy is this place so boring now?


This one is currently active.Yes, I voted for it because I respect her stance in this community. And no, I'm not a sock puppet account. ♥


To blame the site's decline on the sudden crackdown on lingerie ads is over simplifying the many problems proliferating Woot nowadays.

Perhaps it is simply time for us to acknowledge that Woot's best days are behind us....


@tarasadies: I agree. It's best days are behind.


@killjoy: And it's all your fault. You took the joy and killed it. You didn't just choose that name did you? You earned it. ;-)


Well, since I can't sleep... here is reason #17 Woot has become boring:

Remember the good deals? I mean, really good deals? Those are a few and far between these days.... in 2011 I spent nearly $1000 on various Woot Deals. So far this year?



@tarasadies: I agree and disagree. The deals are what brought me to woot. But the community is what is keeping me at woot. The community and the community dynamic is what is struggling right now, things are the same and we are comparing what woot is now, to what woot USED to be. Take it for what it is worth.


@tarasadies: I agree. This is the first time I have had a woot coupon and haven't used it. I normally use them very quickly.

My .02, there is now too much junk on woot. Like I said before, trying to be the new wayfair.


[Philosoraptor] Is talking about how boring something is interesting? [/Philosoraptor]


@ecriscit: I've got two that have lasted through two woot-offs now. :-(


I agree. The deals get worse and worse each day. Too much moderation. Too many changes for the worse. I used to come here every day and now its a redheaded step child.


I see a community full of smart people and it would not be surprising if some of them got together, maybe with some angel investors, and created a new site with the same fun and energy of the old WOOT.

I think it would be a big hit, too bad I don't have the time, energy, money or skills or I would do it myself.


Yeah, thanks O'Cheri for making woot! create 157 unnecessary nonsense sites!

Half of the "deals" on here now you can get on Amazon for about the same price.

woot! turned meh


Welcome to the bland, inoffensive world of the mega-corporation, where anything with an edge is quickly ground down to a nice, safe dullness. :-)


@coondogg97: But that was what was so great about this site. If you didn't want to look at it, you didn't have to click on it.
Now we don't even have that option.

It's a simple case of a few bad apples (complainers) ruining the whole barrel (web site).


I don't know what the deal is with the @ohcheri deals (maybe there's a link to a forum I didn't read), but I always liked looking at them. At least, I don't mind them.

I'd prefer to see good deals on lingerie and sleepwear than 1,000,000,000 deals on DVDs under $10. Is a DVD under $10 even a deal anymore? That's just the price.

Anyways... it is less fun. The past few Woot Offs have been meh... no BOC for 2 months for those of us who are here is inexcusable, I'm still here, though. The employees are still nice (aside for a recent episode), and engaging. Some of the people in the community interest me, I like reading questions and answers and like seeing actual deals.


Yeah, the million dollar "deals" from Hammachet Schlemmer aren't doing anyone any good either.