questionswhere should i take some hi-res art print files…


I would go straight to an online photo print website like Winkflash or Shutterfly.

So what if it's not a photo. Unless there's sharp lines in the art print, that is. Getting it printed on real photo paper guarantees a very high resolution and very good color. And it doesn't have to be a photo for that to work. As long as they don't have some photo "enhancement" feature turned on - which you can request not to have.

Is it a drawing? Does it look more like a painting/photo? If not or it has more sharp lines, you'd want to look for a company offering "giclée" printing. It's really just a fancy way of saying high-quality inkjet with pigment-based inks and it's usually available in large formats. I'll add another comment if I find an affordable provider.


Found one that would get you a nice print shipped for under $20 for a starting price: