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While we're waiting for @shrdlu to arrive, here's a recent thread on tax preparation software that doesn't directly address your question but does have some valuable info:


@durkzilla: Oh, you are the funny one. I'm still drinking coffee, but this is a pretty easy question to deal with, and takes no actual people skills (because this early, I don't have them). Okay, here we go.

@onebaddoggie: You said the magic thing in your description in the question. You are buying and selling stocks. That, and owning multiple properties (especially rental property) are the triggers that make the few dollars more for Premier a trivial expense. Cost basis lookups (for stocks) alone make this a winner.

Currently I have almost everything in 401K-like funds that are managed by others. While I'm actually quite active in managing these (no surprise there), I am removed from the paperwork (which I LOATHE) because the purchase and sale of items is done within these funds, rather than directly by myself. The complexity of investments, from ownership of income-producing corporate debt to sale and purchase, tells you that you should just SPEND the $30 extra.


In general, if you use anything more complex than form 1040, you probably need Deluxe. If you have investments in stocks, bonds, mutual fund, some employee stock plans (but not all), or rental property, or property in multiple states, then you should use Premier.

I also insist that if you have property in multiple states, unless you are VERY unusual in your knowledge, you should hire a professional. Don't try fudging your way through with ANY commercial software. See comments from @dcalotta in the previously quoted question for good perspectives on this. It is a bad, bad place to try and save money. BAD.


@durkzilla Thanks for the link to the previous question.

@shrdlu Thanks for your input..picked up Premiere at Costco today, was only an extra $20 over the Deluxe and they had a $10 off coupon going through today as well, so only $59.49.


You should also know that if you don't waste time filing taxes you don't have to deal with this stuff. Of course, somewhere down the road, you might wish you had, but heck, that's in the future, and it might not even get here/