questionsnew feature: subscribe to deal or question…


This is great. I really like this feature. Thanks for noticing it and telling us about it.


I didn't think this was new...hasn't that button sat next to the tattle button?

Maybe I'm imagining things... @w00tgurl is probably more observant than I am...


I think that's been around for a while...


It's been around for a while, yeah. Still useful though!


What is "A While"??? The time scale changes frequently here in the Deals.woot universe...


@hobbitss: At least a few months, I think. My brain keeps telling me to say "It's been here for a while" but answering "How long is a while" with "a while" strikes me as being less than helpful.

Definitely at least a couple months, though. Almost certainly longer.


Agree that it's been here for at least a couple of months...I'd say 4 or 5, maybe more. Have used it when I find the question interesting & want to know what others are saying. Even if I have nothing to offer when I subscribe, I might have a brilliant answer later. ;-)


@thedogma: I usually see or become aware of changes but this one seems to have eluded me as my only recollection of it is noticing something next to the Tattle Link but not looking at it....