questionswho do you use for domain registration and web…


I use BlueHost because it works, it's inexpensive and it isn't GoDaddy.


I hear a lot of good things about squarespace from the twit podcasts. You can design the whole website and try it out for free. They even have a deal if you use the offer code TWIT during checkout. I've never used the site myself but it sounds easy from their ads.


I jumped on hostgator during a woot deal. Learned a lot from that. $20 or $25 to register the domain name (outside of the monthly price). I let my term expire so I could go with another host, but if I went with the same domain name, the name goes up for auction and I'd have to pay to get it transferred. I re-up'd with hostgator yesterday, and then this deal with eleven2 comes out -- yeesh! Looks like eleven2 does free transfer.


I'm also looking at web hosting space and I hear multiple people talking about Dreamhost being a good company because it offers 9/year web hosting. Can someone comment on that?


@kerowyn: Dreamhost is a bit higher quality than some of the others that have been mentioned. Bluehost is decent, too, btw.

I use, and have been very happy with them.

This is a very personal decision. It depends on so many things, including your sophistication, capability, and time. Setting up a web site for me would take perhaps an hour, from purchasing the domain name, adding it to my others, providing space for it on a server, and writing some quick code. I have multiple domains, and not all of them are even associated with web sites. Strange as it may seem, the world is not just webby stuff.

Jeeze, I miss @dosquatch. He'd have been all over this question. :-(