questionsanyone else addicted to making origami with money?


kinda tough to fold 2 nickles.

Closest I've come to something creative with paper currency is when we used Iraqi Dinars with Saddam's image on them as TP at a party and also used them to light cigars... My bro-in-law sent us a box full of them when he was stationed there. Totally worthless, couldn't even sell them on ebay for $2 for a stack of 50 notes.


I'd rather make money with origami.


Here is a link to a website I saw the other day that gives instructions on how to fold a dollar bill into a camera.


One day, I shall have my Koi. That day is not today.

...that thing's impossible.


I'm not addicted but I sometimes do it for gifts where I'm giving money, especially to young people.

My favorite thing is to make a money chain like you do with gum wrappers.

Another one is to roll various denominations of bills with a wisp of orange tissue paper in the end. At the end of the bill, attach a colored post-it note and finish rolling. Tape the end of the post-it note to secure it. You have a candle. Do 16 for a 16 year old (6 x $5 + 10 X $1 = $40), for example.


@jsimsace: Dang it you beat me to it. Here take my upvote.
@thunderthighs: Any recommended links?


@rprebel: Here is my first (and probably last) attempt at making the dreaded

It was horrible. I don't know how it turned out that decent.


@arevan: Yep, apparently you have to be good at folding to turn a buck into a koi...a skill that still eludes me. For now, I'm happy to make boots and shirts (with and without a tie) and angelfish.

Keep trying! For anyone who may want to try some simple folds, there's a Mac app (I believe it's iOS too) called Dollar Origami. It gives easy to follow instructions, and it's ANIMATED. No confusing pictures showing you just how each step ends.