questionswhat's the best deal on mushroom popcorn?

vote-for10vote-against has a 50 pound bag for around 42 bucks before shipping. I guess it's a decent deal, but jeesh, that's a lotta corn to pop.
You can also try Cook's Direct. The price is more or less the same.
I've never heard of mushroom popcorn before. Might have to find a smaller amount to try in that albatross of a popcorn machine I bought from woot a few years ago.


it's a great variety of popping corn. It's what kettle corn vendors often use. It is slightly denser than regular popcorn, and it pops in a much more uniform ball-shape than regular corn as well. In my experience, it at least SEEMS to have less of the annoying hulls that often get caught in your teeth.


@kamikazeken: There are those who say that I am slightly denser than regular popcorn, but I just ignore them.


How does this question go popular?!? It has 6 votes and 3 comments and was asked 3 days ago. I give up.


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@capguncowboy: It's all relative. In the current disgruntled and apathetic climate, 6 votes and 3 comments are probably enough to get elected woot's prom king.