questionswas battling black friday it worth it?


I got my K-Mart door buster that started at 5am on line 5 hours early, after midnight, the price changed when I added them to my cart. (free shipping over $50 HOLIDAY)


I showed up at Costco at 9 am for a Seagate drive, and managed to grab one of the last. So, I'm going to call that a win.


I spent an hour in line at bealls for some luggage since I am moving in 3 weeks. I ended up getting a $5 coupon while waiting in line so I saved even more just by getting there a hour early. I also went to jcpenny and got some new dress clothes for my new job. So going out today was worth it.


I got all the doorbusters I wanted after 10 AM, hardly more crowded than any other saturday. To the disdain of my friend, 3 of the "amazing deals" she stood in line for at 12AM were magically back in stock mid morning.


No. The only things I wanted that were a reasonable bargain were doorbusters that had all gone by the time I started at 5.30, and the ongoing sale was all items I could have gotten (and later did get) online.


After Thanksgiving dinner, I went home, put away the leftovers, relaxed for a few hours & watched some TV. Drove to Kohl's & dropped my daughters off at 12:03 AM (there was no line). Lucked out totally & got a great parking spot about 20 yards from the door.

Went in & got #43 at the jewelry counter, which gave me about 20 minutes to shop elsewhere in the store. Went back to jewelry, waited maybe three minutes & had them put a watch & pair of earrings on the side for us to ring up later. Then we went & finished our shopping.

When we went back to jewelry, the main line was longer than I've ever seen it before, but the line waiting to pay at jewelry was two people.

We left the Kohl's parking lot at 1:09 AM, with what we wanted & $90 of Kohl's cash.

I even aced a great parking spot when I got back home and was watching TV again by 1:25 AM. Also got some good stuff via deals.woot later.

First time I've ever done any Black Friday shopping at a store before 2 PM & it was a total breeze.