questionsdo you go out of your way to recycle?


I do mildly, my recycler for my house trash is a single-stream recycler, so anything goes for the most part. I typically have 1 trash bag and a 1/2 full recycler bin for the end of the week. It costs me an extra $2/month, which is as far out of my way as I have to go.

Gives me a little bit of smugness when I put out the recycling bin in the morning, so it's totally worth it!


Yes, our trash collector actually pays us to recycle.


I go out of my way, yes, but I always did. I used to save up the various items that were salvage until I had enough to fit in my car, and then drive there, once every month or so. I've been using canvas bags instead of grocery bags for thirty years or more (mostly the same ones; good bags last forever).

Currently, I wait until I have a reasonable amount, then put it into the car, and drive over to the local branch of Waste Management, which has convenient bins. I could leave it at the curb, but I live in an area that's often very windy, and I hate to see it all over the neighborhood. I seldom have anything metal, other than what I pick up from walks, since I don't drink soda, and I can most of my own food (or buy fresh).

I have more plastic than I'd like to have, but it's inescapable nowadays. I only put things marked [1] or [2] in the bins, since other things don't really recycle (they just end up as trash).


Speaking of trash, people should know that shredded paper can not be recycled. Shredding tears the fibers, and that means it can't be made into more paper. On the other hand, shredded paper is excellent in compost heaps.

I am happiest about the glass I recycle, since it is 100% convertible back into glass. Wine comes in glass bottles (at least in my house, it does). This only proves that glass is good.


Not out of my way. My condo complex is a green community and they have lots of bins set up in convenient locations. I have a sorter set up in my laundry room so we sort items into bins before taking out.

Now is the time when I should say that I buy recycled toilet paper because it's good for the environment. I don't. I buy it simply because the thought of it freaks my kids out :)


I'm offended by your assumptions that everyone here wants to save the world. What about the evil villains and megalomaniac sociopaths and beings of pure evil? Do we not count? You make me feel marginalized and less than human, even more so than the day I sold my soul for powers.

If you are one of the repressed minority, here are some tips on how you can help destroy the world:

1) Throw paper and plastic products in the regular trash. If you see any in a recycling bin, take them out and put them in the regular trash. You're doing your little bit to fill up landfills that much faster!

2) Drive the largest car available, and drive it every time you need to go somewhere, like the mailbox. If you can drive two Humvees simultaneously from one end of a shopping plaza to the other, you get a gold star.

3) Write letters to rogue nations with nuclear weapons and bet them they're too chicken to use them.

Little things add up! If we all work together, we can eventually destroy the world!


If there aren't any dishes clean I try to find a plate that looks the cleanest and then use it, does that count?


I didn't about a year ago, but then I got hired by an electronic recycling company and figured I should start going out of my way to do so.


I got a free 60-gallon curbside recycling bin from our waste disposal company and everyone in the house uses it, whoever happens to be here at any given time, anyway. The garbage can is only about 30 gallons, so we recycle much more than we throw away. The waste disposal company also owns the recycling company so it's all a moneymaker for them, and we're glad to help keep stuff out of the landfill.


No. My city distributed two huge plastic (PVC?) wheeled bins to every address, one with a black lid for regular trash that must be bagged, and one having a blue lid for our recyclables that cannot be bagged. The bins have handles compatible for the city's new garbage trucks.


@1298ty: Love your wry sense of humor. :-D (Please don't tell me you're were not being humorous; I prefer to keep my illusion.)

Currently I do not recycle. Did in the past. That ended when I called the recycle company & asked if wet newspapers were okay. (It rains a great deal here in the spring & summer.) Their answer was yes, perfectly okay. Then watched as the recycle employee picked up the bin, opened my regular trash can & tossed it in. Two separate times. That's about the only recyclable that I have. Am learning something here, so appreciate the answers & may resume.


I live buried in rural America. No trash pickup, so we recycle anything we can compost or feed to livestock. Paper, plastic and metal go to the county recycle center. I have about one 13 gal bag of non-recyclables each week.

I am sad glass is not accepted for recycling because there is no-demand, it costs too much because shipping exceeds raw stock value. {rolls eyes}


The Bible has much to say about being a wise steward of God's creation, and since I'm pretty fond of Jesus, yes, I go out of my way.

So, basically, if you don't recycle, it means you hate Jesus.


I got that one from Christina H., in case anyone was wondering :)


I recycle anything and everything I can... most of the time. Sometimes when I'm in a deep cleaning mood I'll skip the recycle bin and toss everything in the trash. Everytime do I feel terrible.


Where we live, we have to go out of our way to recycle as the trash pick-up varies depending on which day it is. Twice a week we have the burnable trash like raw kitchen waste, leaves, stuff that can be incinerated safely. Another day it is the PET bottles and plastics that have the various recycling symbols on them. Twice a month we can leave our sorted glass, milk cartons, newspapers, cardboard, cooking oil, aluminum, tin cans, etc for recycling pick-up. And 2x/month we can put out things that can not be recycled or incinerated such as batteries, lighters, small appliances,etc.

It is rather strict.


I used to, literally, go out of my way to recycle. When I lived in Tomball, TX, I would drive almost a half hour to take my recycling to the closest center because Waste Management did not offer recycling in my area. I'm not sure I saved the world with my recycling, since I burned gas to get there, but my hope was that my efforts saved a little energy, net-net (I would save up until I had a truck load to take in).

That said, I believe in voluntary recycling, not recycling at the point of a gun (I'm talking to you, militant recycling fascists!).


i also have more recycling than real trash, which is easy to do since my building offers single-stream recycling. no looking at numbers on the bottom, keeping stuff separate, or any other craziness. paper, cardboard, plastic, metal--i rinse it and keep until i fill a bag or 2

but.. although we get trash chutes on each floor, for recycling we need to take the recycling down to a building entrance door, or bring it down to the loading dock. the closest recycle bin to me is out another door than where my car is, so i go out the door, dump my stuff there, then go back in and exit out another door, with a key fob i have to hold up to a sensor pad. this is my recycle dance since i prop the door open with my feet while reaching to the bin so the door won't close lol.

this is still minor because i consider single-stream recycling to be great!


I did make a point to recycle when I had to take my trash/recyclables to off-site area but after I moved and my current city finds it a point to charge you to recycle, then no i dont even bother with their shenanigans...


i try, easiest is paper, but other things are harder. I think the main thing we should go back to is glass milk bottles and glass pop bottles, then when we're done we send them back for cleaning.