questionsok, mods, what was wrong with my deal this time?


Saving the tags for future reference:


I'm sure they removed your deal because they f-ing hate you ;-)


If folks could do us a favor and tag @jumbowoot on these discussions, that'd be great.

(Generally the only time your local friendly community mods travel into the deals section and away from ATC is when there's a firefight that needs dousing, or spam that needs nuking, so we may not be the best or fastest answer on these.)

Thanks for understanding!


@inkycatz: Sure, just put that in the rules list linked at the top of the page and I'm sure we'll all remember going forward. The same goes for the preferred keyword tags too.


@psaux: Yeah, I see what you did there. :) Just trying to help though.


@ohcheri: it's true. it's always personal.


@pemberducky: Please bear in mind that my initial post made no such allegations. I am just seeking a why - one that can hopefully supplement the community's rather hazy picture of what is allowed and what isn't.


@psaux: So...add a link to the deal here and we'll look into it.



@jumbowoot: I'd deliberately NOT added it above because I didn't want this question to appear to be an end-run around the deletion. The URL was:

In the body of the deal listing I'd included the cutoff for purchase-by and the travel-during window.


When it becomes this much work to post a deal its no wonder why the active user base seems to be shrinking.


C'mon everyone, half the fun is NOT knowing the rules when you play! It's a journey of discovery.


Anybody wanna play 5 card MOW, color on color suite on suite...


@psaux: Looks fine to me. I don't see any duplicates. We are human. Sometimes we make mistakes.

Please re-post if you like.

All told.


@jumbowoot: Perhaps an audit trail visible to the original poster (as suggested by others previously) would be helpful? Maybe it should be accompanied by an "Appeal" button, much like "Tattle," and a "Defibrillate" button mods can use depending on their "Appeal" reaction. Of course, maybe, like football, failed appeals should result in loss of some rep points. (Which would use a "Spank" button, which would be the other choice for the mods. ) Also, a commentary field for the "Appeal" and "Spank"/"Defibrillate" buttons would make sense too.


@psaux: Actually, this could probably just be boiled down to Appeal/Spank/Defibrillate and people'd probably be a LOT happier just with that. Course, that'd mean tased deals would have to be visible to the original poster for a while, post-tase, so to allow for the Appeal button to be workable....

Still, I wouldn't expect that'd be a huge change.


@psaux: did you just reply to yourself?


@carl669: Oh, I didn't know we could do that...
@ki4rxm: Infinite


@ki4rxm: loooooop!!!!!

Thanks for the quick response @jumbowoot


Oops, we did it again. Mea culpa. I'm sorry. Similar words could be soothing. Or not. It is very discouraging to post a deal & have it deleted. Then ask why...and find (at a much later time) that there was no reason. By then the deal may be 'old'...meaning the bloom's off the rose. Also, speaking for myself, sometimes it doesn't seem worth the effort.

Wondering if the still unofficial FAQ's might be helpful? Especially to those who seem to delete deals w/o a reason. Wishful thinking, no doubt.


@gmwhit: Now that may be a great idea. To have the mods have a quick reference sheet of 'da rules' to refer to.

I also really like the idea of an 'appeal' button. Or... a simple email to a person giving a canned answer as to what rule the mods feel was violated. It can even be a 'don't reply to me' email addy. Then, if after that explanation, the OP feels that their deal was deleted in error, they come post a thread. It would eliminate some of the confusion, at least.


@ohcheri: You're a fan of the Dark Tower series as well as Buffy? Your rep has only continued to climb in my book ;)


I am a rabid DT fan!! Every time a new book comes out I go back and read the series from the beginning so I've read DT1 10+ times. (I've also read "The Stand" every year since 1979...)

Hoping the movie version of The Dark Tower will come somewhat close to our expectations :-)


@ohcheri: I'm hoping the DT movie turns out to be a winner, too, but Stephen King movies are usually a disappointment. Oh, and I bet I've read The Stand at least a dozen times. Great book!


@inkycatz: You said: "Generally the only time your local friendly community mods travel into the deals section and away from ATC is when there's a firefight that needs dousing, or spam that needs nuking, so we may not be the best or fastest answer on these."

So...I have a question? Who are these "mods" (or whatever they're called)? Who ARE those who delete deals such as the one mentioned here?. And work tattles, change tags, etc. I must add: They've been very helpful to me in changing typos I've made on deal titles. Or adding a photo that I'm unable to. And thanks for that, nameless souls! :-) we know them by name? Do they ever post anywhere? Is this a part-time job for wootbot? Kidding ;-)


@barnabee: @maddogofgilead (I meant to invoke your name on the last comment)

Most of Mr. King's movies are disappointing (although Misery, Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile were outstanding) but I heard that Ron Howard would be involved in the Dark Tower movies and he just can't do a bad movie :-)

Sorry to hijack the thread.


I am not at all for the appeal button.. Then we wouldn't see these "why was my deal deleted" threads anymore..

and I would miss them terribly


Well where would the challenge be if we just TOLD you what was wrong with your deal? Where's the fun in that?

This way it keeps things interesting :)