questionsbag of crap is back as normal.


It was in my cart - my first and only chance ever at getting a bucket of cats...then it just sat there, and POOF it was gone. I'll never win at woot. I am old and slow, cannot compete with the young and fast.


@hot72chev: Well, you were better than me. I didn't even get one in my cart. By the time I heard the alarm and I refreshed the page, it was already gone.

Woot used to publish how many of each item sold after it sold out. Since they no longer do this, I wonder how many BOC's were offered and sold. Was it just one? Who knows?


@cengland0: I saw several people (3 or 4) over in the Selllout Community section claiming to have gotten one. It couldn't have been many.

I really thought I had one this time....sad.


Congrats to those lucky enough to score. I haven't been paying as much attention as I would like to teh sellot woot-off due to work getting in the way of play.


Stupid work, indeed. I'm probably at my desk 95% of the time and this comes up in that 5% window I'm not. I wouldn't get your hopes up for another one this woot-off. That text that says you're limited to 1 this week is just the standard BOC write-up they've used before.