questionsdid you hear bob costas last night on sunday…


I have never seen a gun capable of firing a round without a person loading said gun and pulling the trigger. Whatever they decide to to to Costas, the idea of gun control being needed has nothing to do with this tragedy. If it wasn't a gun, it would have been something else. This is about domestic violence, murder if you will, not gun control.

If fences and locks only keep honest people honest; what would gun control accomplish except to leave honest people helpless and unable to protect their freedom?


Guns don't kill, stupid people with guns kill people.


@pyxientx: I have also never seen anyone capable of loading and firing a spork. Certainly, a gun is not going to kill anyone on it's own (although a child finding a weapon and accidentally discharging it comes awfully close). But it is also much more difficult to commit these kind of acts without a gun.


Costas is going nowhere. His viewpoint is congruent with that of the managment of the network. It is only when you open your mouth and say somethat that managment disagrees with that you get in trouble.


@jleh123: People get illegal guns all the time. And an NFL player probably has the money to get one. But more than that, gangs and such get illegal guns all the time.
A crime like this is more difficult to pull off without a gun, maybe. But there are many domestic assaults that end in murder that have nothing to do with a firearm at all.
Anyway, draconian gun control laws would really be like harsh DRM, it punishes people getting them legally, and the people who get them illegally are of course, not affected.


@jleh123: Approximately 13,000 domestic violence deaths occur per year. Only about 100 of those deaths are commited by gunshot. Should we lop of peoples hands, because they could cause harm with them?

As for the spork... It is less than 6" through the front of the ribs to the human heart. I can guarantee you a spork CAN be used to commit murder if someone knowlegeable enough about anatomy were of a mind to do so. Should they have a lobotomy?

A child finding a gun (loaded or not) is a failure to be a parent to said child, and is NOT an accident, but negligence of the parent. My daughter was raised around guns, and so have my neices and nephews been. They having access to guns have never been an issue, because they are taught how to handle them, and they are kept in a locked gun cabinet.


The problem is, the toothpaste is already out of the tube, so to speak. Guns are already out there. If you pass new gun control laws, they effectively only apply to people to follow the law anyway, not to criminals. You can't go back in time and prevent all the guns from ever coming into circulation, so you're left in this place where, to use another cliche, "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns."


Let me say how refreshing it is to NOT see 1000 messages frothing at the mouth demanding he be fired.

Did he pick the most appropriate time and place to express his opinion? I think most people can agree the answer to this is no. That said, and without expressing an opinion regarding WHAT he said, just the fact THAT he said it:

One would assume the people demanding he be fired for expressing his opinion are fans of the US Constitution, specifically the section known as the Bill of Rights, more specifically the second amendment. If they are fans of the Bill of Rights, why would they want someone fired just for expressing an opinion? Does nobody else see the irony in this?


I don't generally watch sports, so didn't hear what he said about gun. And, don't really care what he said, since I don't generally care what he says :-)


@pyxientx: Your statistics are not congruent with those I can find. Can you cite your source? This is what I have found "Between 1976 and 1996, 65 percent of the male and female victims of intimate partner homicides were killed with a firearm. And while rates of intimate partner homicide have been declining, the ratio of female-to-male victims has risen. In other words, when an intimate-partner homicide occurs, it is increasingly likely that a woman is the victim rather than a man."

"The most common cause of deaths occurring at homes where guns are present, by far, is suicide. Many of these self-inflicted gunshot wounds appear to be impulsive acts by people without previous evidence of mental illness. Guns in the home are also associated with a fivefold increase in the rate of intimate partner homicide, as well as an increased risk of injuries and death to children."


He would have killed her some other way or some other day. It was probably related to concussions.


can't stand him

he ruined the olympics with his awful commentary