questions"the undisputed deal champion"?


I suppose that they can call themselves whatever kind of champion they like until a better challenger "beats" them. It would be hard to provide proof though. A court of law has a lot of tricky wording at its disposal.


Oh good, for a second I thought @lichme made this post.

Also, you're right. That is a pretty silly name change, but I guess it's their company so they can do whatever they want to do with it I suppose...


They're not undisputed. I dispute the name.

Slaps them in the face with his glove


@cowboydann: it's not a name change. It's a slogan change.

@moosezilla: it's not "since", it's "sense".
You would first have to determine what a "deal champion" actually is, and THEN you could dispute it.

My guess is that the new slogan is supposed to be humorous; therefore you are being overly analytical.


Really? You toss around the appellation of "liar" that easily?


@cowboydann @carl669: Why would I post it? This section is for questions, and I already know I am the Undisputed Champion, there's no question about it.