questionsis there a way to remap the keys of a "dumb…


My old dumb phone had an option buried somewhere in the menu tree that would let me remap some of the hot keys on the phone. You might search your menus for a similar option.


@90mcg112: I've done a quick look through with no luck, but it's possible I missed something. I'll check again tonight.

Thanks for the advice :)


I read through the manual and this does NOT appear to be configurable on your phone. Really is a bummer.

AT&T really won't let you download pictures messages when data is turned off? You might want to double check this. I have Verizon with data turn off and pictures messages work fine. (Obviously this doesn't mean it should/could/etc on AT&T)


Ah well, here's an update in case anyone stumbles across this later:

Can't remap it, ATT definitely wont let me turn data completely off, and can't break the button because I need it for other things.