questionshow do you fix a fried egg sandwich?


Your husband likes his sandwich like I do, except I sometimes add garlic salt and I also like to add bacon...


"Can I have a fried egg on toast to go, please."
Or a little bit of butter in a hot skillet, cooked over easy on light toast with pepper and a little ketchup.


I fry the egg over hard (break the yolk) but not too well done. I usually add some garlic powder as well as salt and pepper while the egg is cooking. I put on a thin slice of cheddar cheese after I turn the egg, so it melts a bit. Then take two slices of wheat toast, spread with mayo (yes, really!), egg and cheese, 1 thin slice of deli ham, then (most important) fresh tomato slices. Mmm...

Great, now my mouth is watering!


Soft yolk, lightly toasted wheat bread, sliced tomato, a spread wedge of Laughing Cow queso fresco and chipotle, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.


Fry the egg in a bit of butter. Broken yolk fried hard. Toast wheat bread, butter the outside just a bit. Take the egg out of the pan. Put a piece of toast in the pan butter side down. Add a bit of cheddar cheese, the fried egg, more cheese, second piece of toast, fry over medium heat until the cheese melts. Mmmm...fried egg and cheese. For variation, add a bit of garlic salt.

Or, my friend's EggMattMuffin.
Fried egg.
Toasted whole wheat English muffin.
Slice of pepper jack cheese.
Two dashes of tobasco.

Also very tasty.


I fry the egg in various ways, with the only thing in common that it's always on a hamburger patty once it gets to the sandwich.


I go with sunny-side-up eggs on a toasted poppy seed bagel...
I'll fry the eggs up in butter or left-over bacon or duck grease (depending on what I have in my fridge), lightly salting them and seasoning them with a generous dash of white pepper. I typically do the open-face thing, where each egg ends up on half of the bagel. Bonus points for yolks that you can pierce to allow the yellow deliciousness to ooze across the surface of this wonderful treat...
On occasion, I'll toss a couple strips of back (aka. Canadian) bacon strips under the egg, or some tomato slices. And if I'm feeling particularly indulgent, I will cut some 2, 3, or even 5 year old cheddar on to the top...
ps. for those who haven't tried it, I HIGHLY recommend you add white pepper to your kitchen spice rack! It is my secret weapon against flavourlessness (and it's easier to digest by those who can't handle standard black pepper)!


First I destroy the first egg and throw it out. I always forget to grease the pan. THEN I remember, and break the yolk and mix it all together just a little. I put a little bit of Old Bay and oregano in there, fry it until there is no runniness left, and eat it on a bagel.


Fried over hard with cheese, toasted bread, and Miracle Whip.

In all honesty, I usually like bacon, too. I pan fry the bacon, and then fry the egg in the bacon grease. Mmmm...bacon flavored egg.


I like toad in the hole which I then eat like a sandwich. Cut out a circle in your bread, put it in a buttered pan and then crack an egg into the hole. I like my yolks broken and cooked hard. Salt and pepper of course. The bread gets fried in the butter and is far superior to toast from a toaster.


Place a generous dollop of butter (yes, butter, if at all possible) into the frying pan. Heat on medium to med-high till it's sizzly, break in an egg and cook till it's done just enough to be flipped without the yolk breaking. After flipping, cook it for another 30 seconds or so, then gently squish with the spatula so the yolk breaks. Cook another minute or less, then carefully place it on a slice of fresh bread covered with a generous layer of good mayo. Add salt and pepper to taste, then top with the second slice of bread. The goal is to have a very slightly runny yolk, just loose enough that you have to lean over the plate a bit to eat it.

Comfort food at a very basic level.


Slice or two of ham/bacon/turkey/salami/etc.
sharp cheddar cheese
1 or 2 egg(s) over-medium (or poached medium)

Tabasco/hot sauce is good.
Paprika and dill is better.
No salt/pepper.

Assemble in some semblance of order and enjoy a delicious mess


Toasted English muffin, egg (poached please), add a slice of ham and some cheese.


I have to go with @tarasadies on this one, but sometimes add medium Pace picante sauce.


I put a large chunk of butter in a pan and set it to melt. I then tear the center of a piece of bread out in a circle so I have two pieces of bread. Put both pieces of bread in the pan to soak up the butter and grill.

Once the bread is grilled I add a little more butter in the pan and flip both pieces of bread over. A little butter in the hole of the slice of bread and break the egg into that.

I prefer my egg over easy so just cook it on low/medium till the white is cooked and then flip over for a few seconds to cook the other side. By this time both the egg is cooked and the bread is nice and grilled. Egg in a hole, yum. This is, of course, how both my Mom and Dad made it so is how I make it too.