questionsis it unromantic to get wedding rings from amazon?


It's all marketing bs. Where you buy the rings shouldn't matter.

Every kiss does, in fact, not begin with Kay.


I got mine from Wal-mart. Of course that was after I lost the first two. If your marriage will depend on expensive and/or name-brand gestures, you should not get married.


As long as both parties are okay with it, I don't see a problem with purchasing from Amazon or wherever.

That being said, I do have a couple of points to ponder: 1. Will you for sure be able to get the rings in time for the wedding if you order from an online vendor since the wedding date is only a couple of weeks away? 2. Is there any sort of guarantee on the rings (eg., if the rings need resized in the future or you want to "upgrade")?

BTW, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


I bought one at Costco before and of course it doesn't really matter if the other person cares about you...right (sarcasm)? That's why you should include an independent appraisal with it...just covering all the bases.


i got my first set at k's merchandise (now closed) because they would order the correct size instead of taking the size they had and stretching it (like walmart).
i got my replacement one (i gained a few pounds) at a sidewalk vendor in a town fair.
why would you insist on anything except the style/size you want? save a bunch and put it toward the honeymoon or the house payment.


As long as you don't buy in bulk, it shouldn't matter. My wife and I bought very cheap rings and used the money for a down payment on our first house.


My engagement ring came from a small chain jewelry store in the mall, simply because that was the ring I truly loved. It was inexpensive but just what I wanted. This year, for our 25th anniversary, hubby asked (for the umpteenth time) if I wanted to upgrade my diamond. No way! I did, however, decide to retire the plain gold wedding band (which cost us $24) and upgrade to a band with 5 diamonds (we have 5 kids, so it made sense to me). We shopped at Amazon and other online jewelers but I couldn't find just what I wanted. I went to a local jewelry store and the jeweler listened to what I wanted and found the perfect ring for me. Moral of the story - I would buy my rings from whatever vendor has just what I want. No one needs to know or care where the rings come from - you will wear them for many, many years, so YOU should love them.


Living within your means is not unromantic.


@rprebel: Technically "Every kiss" begins with E


@sykotek: You'll probably end up with better quality stuff from Amazon than from one of the shops in the malls, and romance has very little to do with rings.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

Best question I've seen here all day. :-D


@captainsuperdawg: Curse you and your logic! shakes fist

Also, congratulations to @sykotek and @mrs-sykotek. May all your bags be random and crappy.


Rings & wedding receptions are of little import and definitely not where you get the rings! It's the marriage that matters! Best wishes to the both of you!


I didn't have a problem spending thousands of dollars on the engagement ring. But I refused to pay "double-thousands of dollars" just because of a name brand that's not even stamped on the ring or anybody would ever know. So I bought the loose certified diamond online from a major distributor. I then bought the band and setting from whoever was cheapest online. When they both arrived, I took them to a small mom&pop jewelry store locally and had them set, inspected and appraised. The ring was gorgeous when completed and I'm POSITIVE I got a steal on it.


I got mine from amazon. It makes it very convenient to order new ones if you lose them.


I would say a national chain like Kay's is worse than Amazon.

At the end though, get the ring you want and can afford.


where you purchase a ring has no bearing on the meaning behind it; online or otherwise.


given that i'm a huge deal chaser, it would be super sweet if he tried to find us something we liked that was also a bargain. just sayin ;)


I got ours on eBay. I was very pleased.
Just don't expect to have too much support down the years. My ring is fine, but the seller is no longer around.

To shorten the advice, get it appraised when you get it to make sure it is what it is.


Thanks for the awesome advice everybody! We talked it over and we decided to pick up a pair of rings from Amazon. Amazon has a 12 month financing offer on them too and also gave us free 1-day shipping on them! Thanks again!