questionswhy when i want to buy 2 different items i can…


Is this just happening today? It could be that since today is a woot-off you're trying to order an item that is selling out while you're in the ordering process. That is my best guess unless you're trying to explain something completely different. Woot doesn't have a "shopping cart" like most online stores, so when you click to order something, you need to complete the order process right away or your transaction will be cancelled.

If I'm still not understanding your question try to clarify, but I think your best bet would be to visit this page and let them know that you’re having a problem.


Either what @eraten said, or it's just the way Woot works. If you want to buy something from Woot and tech.woot (for example) you need to do two separate transactions. Woot doesn't have any sort of cart. At least not yet. With all these sub-Woots, I'd say it's only a matter of time.


Although woot doesn't have a shopping cart yet they do have $5 all-you-can-ship for same-day purchases.