questionswhere do you think is the best place to pre-order…


Personally, I use Amazon. You can pre-order whenever you want before the release date with just the click of a button. Likewise, if at any time the price goes down or additional features are added on prior to release, your order will automatically get updated to reflect the best deal. Finally, you can also select release day delivery and get the game the day it comes out (pending any shipping problems).

Just my 2 cents.


Amazon. They're the best as far as I'm concerned.


why would you pre-order anything, much less a video game?


@pinchecat: Why not? Significant amounts of media (movies, video games, books) all experience high levels of initial sell out rates on opening day. If you really want something, why not take the extra step to make sure you will be able to get it?


Amazon is the easiest place to preorder things. I love it, its on my doorstep by the time I get home from work. Amazon is also often best on price. However, Gamestop often has exclusive incentives to preorder there, so its not too bad either.


@lalian: My son worked part time at GameStop for several years. The sales staff was under a lot of pressure to sell pre-orders. Not a great place to work, but they do offer some nice incentives to customers for placing pre-orders.


Honestly, it's all a matter of preference. Usually I'd go for Amazon, but I like the preorder bonus that BestBuy has. Just look up the different preorder deals that each vendor offers and choose from there. Usually you can find this on the game's website.


@studerc: because he's @pinchecat. He's kinda the deals.woot pet Troll.


Amazon, but as a rule I don't preorder video games. I've been burned far too many times in the past. Watchdogs looks cool, but we really don't know how it will play. There is a reasonable chance (pretty good chance going by past experience) that it will a) suck b) be very unfinished technically with bugs and crashes galore or c) both. I always wait.


@nmchapma: Perhaps a troll, but that doesn't make the statement invalid. Personally, I have never had a problem walking into a store and buying a game on release day. It may help that where I live is kind of the boonies and I mostly play RPGs.

I only preorder if there is a bonus that I care about, and therefore preorder wherever there is the best swag for the game I want.


I generally use Gamestop because I like being able to know that I will get the game day 1. With Amazon, there is always the chance that the game will not show up after I wait around for delivery. A brick and mortar lets you get the game as soon as they open.


Things that none of you (apparently) realize: "pre-orders" are not setup to convenience you. They're setup to serve commercial benefits to the manufacturers in the form of:
1) bulk sales accrual on day one of game/music/book availability for "bestseller" recognition. initial sales spread out over the first X weeks of availability are not as competitive on these charts (see: marketing).
2) guaranteed sales which may not alternatively close in the face of negative post-release reviews/publicity.



It is all dependent on the "bonuses" that may come with the game, if you want to have it the instant it comes out (midnight releases), or if you want to pay in advance or wait until it ships. I also tend to go with Amazon when I pre-order because they can get it to me on release day without paying extra. Newegg usually has a cheaper pre-order price or a gift card but it usually gets to the house 3 days after release. While I don't tend to preorder, i may if I have enough info on a game to make an informed decision. Sometimes you can watch gameplay videos before the game is released or if you attend game events like PAX, you can get hands on with the game yourself before it releases. Also most games are being released in digital form on consoles and obviously PC so a pre-order for the sake of worrying if there is going to be enough copies for you to get one doesn't play a large factor in it anymore.