questionsare there any office chairs you can recommend?


If you can, go to a Staples or something and try out a few chairs in your price range. I've tried a few, and what's worked for my dad or some friends has been incredibly uncomfortable for me.

For your range, you should be able to find a pretty good chair. The one I current use is quite comfortable and I paid like $40 for it. But I tried a few, sat in the position I typically sit or relax in, and found a good one.

That being said, I'm reluctant to find the chair I bought and suggest it to you, because it doesn't mean that it'll be good for you just because it worked for me.


you could also search craigslist for ergonomic chairs and see if anything comes up in your price range.

honestly though, it might be really hard to find one in your range. you can get one that feels comfortable at an office supply store, but you won't really know until you've sat in it for a few hours. we had to get my wife an ergonomic chair a few years back and I think it cost around $700-800. you can tell right away that it's different from the chairs at staples/officemax/etc just by the weight. this thing is heavy and solidly built. they also do some measurements so it's a custom fit. finally, once the chair comes in, they adjust it for you at the store before you ever leave.

good luck in your search and i hope you find one soon!


Let me share a little tip I've learned. The painful way, and I mean that literally. I understand having a budget. I really do. However, that said, the bottom (ahem) line is if you buy a $100 chair, your rear will be spending 8+ hours daily in a $100 chair. This will not end (sorry for that one) well.


I know what I'm about to recommend is above your stated budget, but please hear me out:

If you are like me, you spend close to 8 hours a day in a chair. I spend the vast majority of my day at my computer. For me, this is more time than I spend in my bed and some days more than I spend in my shoes. Since high school, I've used < $150 chairs as my desk chair. At my last job I was given a very expensive, but generally terrible to sit in chair. All of this resulted in a lot of back problems for me and I'm still young.

In the last two years I've switched to using an Aeron at home and I use another Herman Miller here in the office. So far its the best improvement I could make and its been incredible.

Think long and hard about the chair you are going to sit in. You want to invest where you spend your time. Your body will thank you. You should be able to find an Aeron for under $600 if you look hard enough.


i recommend stealing @csunwold's chair.

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@no1: Yeah next time I'm in the office I need to go check out this chair.


I just bought this chair.

Was $90 got it for $40 with free shipping. (offer ends 10/13/2012).

It's one of those you get what you pay for type of things. I needed a new chair and didn't want to spend a lot of money. Mission Accomplished! It's not the best chair I have ever sat in but is better than some that cost much more.


After reading the above answers, I would buy the chair that you tried and found to be comfortable. It looks awesome! I believe that everyone has a return policy, so if it didn't suit you after a few days return it. That would be the time to start looking for an upgrade.


Make sure you compare online prices with in store prices. I went to Staples and found a chair I liked for $150. When I looked online to check reviews the same chair was $99 on their website, which they honored.


I highly recommend taking one from a defunct company that your current company took over. That's how I got my last 2. It's free and you have very little choice.


@csunwold: So evidently when I stole the chair from the guy who left I got myself an Aeron. Sweet. It is pretty comfy and practically everything is adjustable.