questionscan you answer a ceiling fan downrod installation…


I would check w/the manufacturer of the particular fan. There may be safety issues involved.


@zippy the pinhead: I emailed them about diameter before I understood how they work. I haven't heard back yet.


@minkeygirl7: If they are like a lot of businesses lately, you may be waiting for a response for awhile. I always use the phone first. Come to think of it, I rarely even do business anymore w/companies that do not have a telephone contact.


@zippy the pinhead: I've dealt with them before and they were pretty responsive.

I'm the exact opposite of you. I prefer using email or chat. I HATE talking on the phone.


@zippy the pinhead: Yep, a lot of businesses, without customer service phone numbers, are pretty shady.


@barnabee: I will not do business with a company that has no customer service line, but I still prefer email or chat. That gets things documented if there is a problem.


You replace the provided rod with one of the length you need - you don't add an extension to the provided rod.

(son of a master electrician - have installed dozens of ceiling fans)


You replace the rod.

However, lowering the fan may not give you better circulation unless there's some obstruction on/near the ceiling that keeps air from circulating properly, or you have very high ceilings. If you have normal 8-foot ceilings, then the fan rod is probably already the best length for air circulation.

I greatly improved the air circulation in my kitchen by replacing the old fan (with a 4-inch rod) with a new low-profile fan with blades about 4-5 inches from the ceiling. It really depends on the room, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer.