questionshow many bathrooms are in your house/apartment?


I have 2. 1 w/a tub/shower, the other w/a shower only. Sinks & toilets included, too. Odd: I grew up in a house w/4 people & 1 bathroom. We did fine. Have heard of families of 8 that had 1 bathroom. Imagine that! :-/

We're spoiled, aren't we? (Well, okay, I am.) Often wonder why people on the home shows on TV think that you must have 2 sinks in the "Master Bathroom." Guess I'm odd (wo)man out. I like to be in the bathroom by myself. Alone to do 'whatever.'


If you count the neighbor's bathrooms, there's three.


Unlike what my puppy occasionally thinks, there are zero dog bathrooms inside the house. :)

(I think 1.5 bathrooms is perfect sweet spot for humans: if someone is showering or taking a bath, there's still a toilet available, and in case the one toilet needs repairs, there's still another one.)


1.5 here. Unfortunately the .5 is off the master bedroom and the 1 is in the hallway. Would like that reversed.


We have 2 full bathrooms - 1 upstairs, 1 down. Bother are the shower/tub combo. Single sink, somehow we manage...


This house: 3 bedrooms (billed as 4 but one is a media room) + 2.5 baths

Previous house: 5 bedrooms + 5 baths. I hated cleaning that house.


I've got two full baths.
Large one is off the master bedroom and has a bathtub (which hasn't been used for a bath in forever), a shower and two sinks. The second is off a hall in another area of the house. Shower in the bathtub and single sink. Toilets in both.
Both are carpeted with tile around the toilets. Not my first choice, but that's how the house was built. And I've come to appreciate the carpet in the master on cold winter mornings. Nicer to walk on carpet than cold tile with bare feet.


1 Master suite
1 powder room
1 mud room/washing station
3 upstairs for the kids/guests
1 in the pool house/cabana.

j5 j5

Just one. It works for my tiny box.


Just moved into a townhouse with a friend and we have 2.5. 1 full off each bedroom and a half downstairs. I LOVE it!!


1 half bath
1 full bath with bathtub
1 full bath with walk-in shower


3 3/4

Master suite with double shower, separate soaking tub and double sink vanity.
Kids/guest full bath with tub/shower combo

Main floor:
Powder room 1/2 bath (no tub/shower)
Shower stall in laundry/mud room

Full bath with tub/shower combo

I also plumbed the barn/workshop for a toilet and sink when it was built but haven't gotten around to installing fixtures.


2 1/2 - I have pretty much the same setup as the OP.
1 full upstairs w/tub shower
1 full upstairs w/stand alone shower & stand alone tub in master
1/2 on 1st floor (toilet & sink)
I do not have one in the basement as it has only been used for storage since the house was built.