questionspopularity...why worry?


Its human nature to be liked by the masses...

And some people are attention hogs.


I remember asking this same exact question. But it was mostly because people were complaining because their deals weren't making it to popular or they weren't getting hire on some of the leaderboard lists and I just don't what the big deal is, the lists are what they are.

[edit]The funny thing is look at the similar questions to the right
'why isn't my deal popular'


Hm... actually, I think it's an issue with self-selection.

You think people are obsessed with popularity, because the people obsessed with popularity keep jumping up and down trying to get your attention and trying to be popular (so you see a lot of them).

Meanwhile, people who are not obsessed with popular are sitting at home, reading a nice book (so you rarely see them).

Thus, it appears that everyone is obsessed with popularity, but it's really mostly the people that you notice who are obsessed with popularity.


I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I login from a machine that has never been to woot before (ie no cookies) and see my discussions as the leading topic. It makes me feel like I am a important contributor


I guess my malfunction is that at least once a week (or so it seems) someone is upset that their deal did not get the recognition that they felt it deserved and has to inquire of the masses WHY.

I guess the philosophy of the Bulletproof Monk does not apply here even though I find it an excellent philosophy to live by.

For those who do not know the Bulletproof Monk:

Why do hot dogs come in packages of 10 and hot dog buns come in packages of 8?

Who knows, be happy with what you've got.


Trust @chaosamoeba to take the statistical/demographic analysis approach. And make good sense, of course.

My answer: maybe people want a high reputation ranking because the higher it is (to a point), the more likely others will give your deal postings a closer look. You post deals out of altruism, to know that you "helped" some random stranger and that that stranger might feel some gratitude toward you. The more strangers you help, the happier you are. The higher your rep, the more strangers look at your deals. Hence people want a high rep for the same reason they post deals in the first place. Q.E.D.


@tygerdave: my question is more about the people worried about the popularity of their deals and questions. I did put rep in the question and I should not have.


@colonelpuffpuff: Who doesn't like to see a return for their effort? Popularity is a sign that your efforts are noticed and appreciated, of course people care about that


@tygerdave: well and you know my question was posted because people were groaning and complaining because their deals weren't making popular and they weren't making it up the lists, and you know it was because it was specific people who barely ever contribute here.


My rep has stalled out at 99.67. I think I've peaked. However, I'm not sure what's gained by getting past that anyway. It only irks me that the algorithm leaves people way up on top who have been inactive for months. But what can ya do.


@hobbit: I had forgotten, i just remembered the question and having to defend the dark side of those of us that care about rep.

@gwinter: I think there might be a gap there that takes a while to bridge, at least I stalled around there for a bit too. Now I'm bouncing between 99.77 and 99.79


@tygerdave: Ooh, that's tantalizingly close to being in the Top 15, sir. Not that any of us cares about reputation but ... tantalizing.

... And I'll just add that I don't think anyone has to apologize for caring about rep ranking. We're naturally competitive, and deal hunting (at least one contributor to your ranking, maybe the biggest one) is a skill. It's always nice to see that you're better at it than some other folks. I mean, why are there online leaderboards for video games, if people are just playing for the "fun" of it? Why have there been "top scores" on arcade cabinets since Donkey Kong, which people have cared about and still do care about IMMENSELY (cf. "The King of Kong")? It's just human.


@gwintner: I think almost everyone CARES where they, are even if they don't care overly much



Your answer cannot be given in the form of a simple message board post. To oversimplfy the problem, Why do people seek to conform to the norms of a group? You could look into many areas of psychology, sociology, and criminology to answer this question.

One could state that the consensus (the 1 dominant value system) on woot deals is your reputation. In order to conform and achieve the goals of this group, one must have popular deals. If the person does not have a popular deal, and cannot achieve the goals of the group, they will be in conflict.

Just touching, albeit briefly, the outer surfaces of a much deeper issue.

As an afterthought, I would think that in this business, it would be necessary to create a "deal zombie" army. This would benfit the company in so many ways.

I appreciate woot, and deals, but I am not getting a Woot! tattoo anytime soon.


@ecriscit: Popular deals has little or nothing to do with Reputation, of course. I've posted VERY few deals, considering the time I've been here (since last, OH MY GOD, October). Deals shmeals. It's all about the benjamins. Oh wait, that's something else, isn't it.

I just posted a two comment answer on the other question, and I'm commented out. Maybe.