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Amazon usually has decent deals on diapers. Especially if you go with a delivery plan, like 3 boxes a week or something. That would also let you pay for them slowly and not have to store 20,000 diapers in the garage.


I agree with Amazon Subscribe and Save. Make sure you have an Amazon Mom (sexist, I know) account and you have at least 5 items in your scheduled delivery for extra savings.


Don't forget to see if Amazon Mom would work for you! It's like Prime, but with some bonus benefits on baby stuff.


Oh yeah I agree with Amazon Subscribe and Save. It's the cheapest by far.


Costco. Their kirkland branded diapers are great -- unscented as their wipes are and you can't beat the price for the quality.
The newborn is 212 diapers for about $30, the next size is about 180 diapers and the price remains the same. you won't get up to level 5 which is almost like a depends...
Ithey have 5 off sales every trimester (3 mos.) and you can stock up then. Later if you need to do any stock rebalancing, they'll take back the boxes no questions asked. BUT... a few boxes last a LONG LONG time.


Sams Club has decent prices, but Amazon with S&S, Amazon Mom and the occasional coupon they have been the lowest for me.

Keep an eye out for deals at Target as well.


I must live in a depressed area. Local stores are all cheaper than Amazon. Subscribe and save with 20% off does end up being a little cheaper but with my twins growing as fast as they are its hard to predict how many diapers of each size they need.

I suppose part of it all depends on what brand of diapers your kids fit. Not all diapers fit the same. For my children they do well in Luvs. They leak when they wear pampers and Costco brand diapers.

My advice is that, wherever you buy your diapers, make sure they have a good exchange/return policy so you don't get stuck with a bunch of diapers you can't use. I'm sure amazon's return policy on diapers is probably pretty good but I've never checked it out myself.


When our son (now 4) was growing up we bought most of our diapers at Babies R Us or Target. BRU was usually doing pretty good deals (or at least deals with various add-on freebies like wipes) but Target was closer to us geographically.

The tough part though is that the whole diaper racket seems set up to confuse people. Every "pack" or "case" size has a name synonymous with "large" or "deal" and the numbers of diapers in each don't seem to make sense. Some times you get better deals (in terms of diapers / dollar) when you buy multiple small packs, so keep an eye out for that.

I often tried to keep numbers in my phone with recent retail prices from local stores for comparison purposes.


OK, I know most folks will probably go "Ew, gross!" but, wouldn't the cheapest way be to use good old-fashioned cloth diapers and wash and re-use them? And, that way, you're not filling up landfills with plastic waste that will still be around when our great-great-grandkids have to clean up this filthy planet. ;-)


@drewsrq: I'm pretty much with you, but first I'd have to figure the cost of heating the water for the washer and how much electricity would be needed for the washer and dryer.

And one could consider checking here:

My son wore cloth diapers, as the first-generation of Pampers were just hitting the market. Talk about basic, simple, messy items! He's expecting his first child later this year, and diaper selection is a big topic.


Target's store brand works out to be the cheapest in my area (even against Sam's Club pricing).

This is based on my family's own research as well as an observation of the distribution of spare diapers left for kids in our church nursery.


It's been a few years but we went through 2 kids almost exclusively in Target's "up and up" brand diapers. They worked well and were the best value.


My first two kids we used cloth diapers, supplemented with Pampers, which was great becuase it was a diaper service that dropped off and picked up diapers. They even gave you the bin to hold them in and keep smell down.
The best bet on price is to find a brand you like and watch it like a hawk. Third baby we bought the "cloth" diapers that have the insert within the diaper. But since she is the third; most use Pampers. I have dound that the Sam's Club price is one of the better non-sale prices. Figure out a per diaper or per 100 price amount to compare different size boxes.

Good Luck!


Use Coupons
Hands down, this is the way that I save the most money on diapers and wipes. There are almost always coupons available for at least $1.00 off Huggies, Pampers and often Luvs too. Combine that with sale prices and you can save a bundle, especially at drugstores. I almost always can get a pack of diapers for $5 or less and wipes for $1.00 or less. Check this website: