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I can understand scammers using Google's name, but DIRECTBUY?! DirectBuy is a scam itself. Lure people in, tell them they have one chance to become a member, and force them to buy a $10,000 membership or to the door.

People suck.


@gregory wow, before this letter I had never heard of DirectBuy. Thanks for the heads up. If I ever get anything from them again it goes straight to the garbage.


Did a little search on DirectBuy and found some very disturbing info:

With DirectBuy, it will cost you a lot to save



@hwoot1: they advertise on tv heavily. From reviews I've read, they're only a good deal if you're doing a major renovation of a kitchen or something similar


@hwoot1: lol...I knew that sounded familiar, I just couldn't put my finger on WHY though. It's because I hear "blah blahblah, come to our Direct Buy Showroom!" on TV every once and awhile.

Never actually realized what that place was. $5k? That's insane. They must make people sign confidentiality forms or something lol

Gonna go finish that report


I just received the same in the mail yesterday. 10 years ago I went to one of these presentations and they wanted $10k to sign up or the door, but ooooh, the membership can be passed on as inheritance for up to 3 generations.

I walked, sadly without any promotional giveaways as I actually wanted to find a good source for discount home improvement supplies.

Tempted to waste a few hours for a free touchpad, if it was something more 2012 I'd put up with the shpiel for shwag.

Remember everyone: No means No. Raping my wallet is not cool.


I went to the sales pitch. Played the game. Boy did they get pissed when I said no. NO NO NO. I got my two hundred dollar restaurant gift certificates and an offer for some touch pad if I pay forty dollars shipping and processing. they wanted nearly 5 thousand dollars and then two hundred dollars a year for ten years. Thanks, but no thanks. now give me my gifts!! lololol.


I received one today . How do they get your address?


I went to the showroom, spent hour and a half, received a touch tablet: That was the good news. Doesn't have manufactorer, can't read the instructions, no drivers, no directions. Basically, unable to operate the device.