questionswhat is the dumbest adult halloween costume?


I had a holstein cow costume at one point. They put the "udder" right at crotch level and it looked like, well, a different sort of protrusion. Not sure if that was intentional since I bought it at Target. I did wear it to work once though :)


I don't know about dumbest (although my eldest will swear it's the "Bag of Groceries" I dressed her up as when she was 5) but I'll admit being tired of darned near every friggin' female costume being sold with the "sexy" description. A sexy clown???? Come on! Nooo. Clowns are evil and that's just creepy.


The dumbest I can think of would be the one I went as when I was 8. I had this sweet power rangers costume however I tripped and scraped my leg right before I went out for halloween. My costume was bloody and ruined, I still thought that would be sweet but I was forced to change. I ended up going as wait for it..a thunderstorm, yea good one mom! I was dressed in all black with a cloud on my torso. I then carried around a spray bottle filled with water, whenever people asked what I was I sprayed them with the water! People had to refrain from punching a child in the face that night. So dumb.


Worst lazy costume: Wearing a gift tag that says From God, To Women.
Best lazy costume: Put hat on backwards and grabbed some empty pizza boxes.

I did that second one and every room in the party went 'Yay!' then 'Awwww' as I spun the clearly empty boxes around. :)


It has to be the shirt that says "this is my Halloween costume".