questionswhat has happened to the consumerist?


I read, but never post on the site. It's still a decent place to find suggestions on how to handle consumer issues, but I swear the writers have a tendency to veer off the road with some of their articles. Phil was the worst.

Things I've learned:
Best Buy sux, as does their Geek Squad.
Avoid purchasing appliances from Sears because it's a former shadow of itself. Comcast is craptastic (but I already knew that).
There ARE ways to get out of your cell phone contract for non-delivery of services. ALWAYS read the fine print.
Some consumers are a self-entitled bunch of morons.
Target's website still doesn't work.
Take to Twitter if you can't get decent customer service.
Email carpet bombs really CAN work.
NO ONE likes Walmart, but a lot of us still shop there.
And finally, no matter what you do, there's always someone out there to tell you "you're doing it wrong," or "I'm sorry, that's not my department."


@lavikinga: "It's still a decent place to find suggestions on how to handle consumer issues,..."

That's what the site was originally meant to be. Now you will find a few people who try to be helpful, but most of the comments tend to be either joking about the plight of the person or sarcastic replies.


@jnissel: "most of the comments tend to be either joking about the plight of the person or sarcastic replies."

Add in some porn and that pretty well defines the internet.


@daveinsocal: Sites that are moderated better, such as this site, keep people in check so the site doesn't wind up becoming the opposite of what it was supposed to be.

What makes it worse is that the powers that be at Consumers Union have turned a blind eye as to what's going on. Makes me wonder, if they care so little about what's happening there, how much they still care about the accuracy of their product test results.


Maybe we should throw a "woot Flash Mob" at them. We are notorious for taking down servers. :)


@jsimsace: Since they were hacked not too long ago I think we might get blamed for that hack...but I like the idea. :)


It all is because of changes in their moderation policies. A couple of years ago they started to ban accounts if anyone pointed out their over moderation and the place just went down hill overnight. If you would attack certain companies in comments (an example would be a story on Walmart being evil talk about Target being just as bad ) they would then delete the comment. If you made a post asking why it was deleted they banned the account. That drove away most of the members that made the site what it was very quickly. What was left is what it is now.


@raider9924: Thanks for the info. It's really sad what it has become. I haven't posted since before they were hacked and now I don't think I will unless things change for the better.

Don't get me wrong. It's still a fair/good site but it used to be a great one.


@raider9924: That sounds a lot like and their banning of trigger words, discussions mentioning clothing size and "body snarking." Say the wrong thing and BOOM! Of course, their starred players get to make comments of all sorts without being called out for it. Hell, the whole internet is just a collection of the popular kids' tables.


@lavikinga: The same thing at The Consumerist. There is a "group" of people who thinks they're special. One of them appears to have a narcissistic personality.