questionsunlocked cellphone site (off course free shipping…


Over/under on when another newly created white triangle comes and posts a link to a mysterious and as yet unheard of site from the eastern regions of the world?


I got my unlocked Nokia 5800 Nav Edition from Amazon. They were the best deal at the time.

Check Dell... they have great deals on unlocked phones. You usually need a coupon code. usually maintains a good list of those...


@dcalotta: eh the site has been posting for a day before Pat here posted teh question

interesting that they have a phone though.

[edit] oh wait they aren't from the eastern regions of the world. This is a site like fat wallet.


@hobbit: It might be a site like fat wallet, but those deals are gone now. I suspect it was also edited out of the question...

Amusing, I'm sure.


@shrdlu: They are gone because someone tattled, at least one someone anyway.


I would suggest that you go to and find something interesting there for "unlocked cellphones". Be sure to use your company's computer system when visiting. click on all the links, and make sure you search for the meeting dates and times.


@ecriscit: Oh my god. That site is so very OVER. After Kevin Mitnick got out of prison, Emmanuel Goldstein just sort of lost purpose. Even Packetstorm isn't as much fun as it was in the early days.

Pfui. I remember Rootshell. Now that was a fun place.

[Edit] @hobbit: Yeah, he's trying, but 2600 and HOPE are just so yesterday's news.

[Edit again] In the interests of Full Disclosure, Captain Crunch is an acquaintance. snicker I just crack myself up sometimes.


@hobbit: No! Of course not. I simply wanted to help this poor poster out. They wanted information, and I know that this site would likely have something for him/her.


@shrdlu: Yes, you are correct, this is not the coolest site on "teh internets". I personally haven't been to this site in 3 years, and the last time I did, I used the company's puters. Lo and behold, 2600 helped the technicians at the company fix some issues they were having. I doubt it is frequented that much anymore, but if you poke sticks in old snake holes you may find what you are looking for.

I have never been a big techy type. I know a little of this and that, but that is it. My home puter could probably be hacked by a 6yo on an old commodore 64.

On a side note, anyone who doesn't understand what places like 2600 did for individuals in this country clearly doesn't understand what almost happened in the U.S. back around 1996-1999. The companies almost had everything under their control, with the governments blessing and hand crafted laws and regulations. Sooo very corrupt. Then Bam! Internet bubble...

Just a conspiracy theorists rant.


@ecriscit: No disagreement on your rant, although you give FAR more credit to Emmanuel than I ever would. Here's a couple of very good places: ( (

Full disclosure: I have given money and support to both these groups.


@shrdlu: Nice to see someone else puts their money where their mouth is. I have sponsored some things that my closest friends and relatives would be surprised to find out about.

I should add that I don't always support the ideology of these people/organizations, but I do support their rights, or the ole' enemy of my enemy thingy.