questionsreliable online t-shirt stores?


Well, it depends what you mean when you say "Quality compared to woot's", as the quality of woots have changed in the last couple months.

I imagine a few others can give more input (@narfcake for example), but meanwhile, I can personally vouch for . They use nearly all American Apparel blanks like woot used to.


I am quite fond of the shirts on teefury. I was skeptical about the shirts on riptapparel, but they haven't disappointed me yet. And last but not least, I ordered several shirts, from shirtpunch, but they haven't come in yet, so I could update when I get them.


I can vouch for Ript. Some other sites I've found with cool designs are The Yetee, and Shirt Punch but I haven't bought from them so I can't attest to their quality.


I've ordered several from Teefury, Ript, ShirtPunch, and Graphic Lab Design.

I have most been impressed with Teefury and Graphic Lab Design. Shirt Punch is hit or miss on the quality of the transfers.


If you like looking for shirts with pop culture references, go to . They put all of the current shirts on one page.


Woot used to be a very reliable choice, but since their switch to the imported Anvil blanks, I've just been annoyed instead. If you don't want us to wear the shirts as pants, then why have the neckholes sized for my waist?!?

Indeed, I'm most partial to GoodJoe these days. Yes, they cost more, but seeing how they're using AA (made in the USA) blanks nowadays, pays artist commissions even at the pre-order price, and diverts proceeds to various small and medium charities, I certainly feel that my dollars spent has a much greater impact to many more people than to a profit hungry corporation.

I still hope Tilteed will be back someday. They still hold third place in my collection count.

The one I'm most disappointed in ... Threadless. Their insistence of using like the cheapest blanks possible means that even at under $10, I feel I'm getting ripped off.


I have noticed even the woot kids size 10 is suddenly huge. It used to fit... Now we need to wait a year, and the neckline looks big. The problem is my son is into ninjas NOW and next year it will be something else... So it felt like throwing money away. I wouldn't call woot shirts reliable if my experience is any indication.

Excellent question. I was wondering the same thing myself... Especially for little person funny graphic ninja t's. I debated spending more money on a woot 8 for the "shhhh" shirt, but it feels too much like paying $30 for 1 shirt.


To elaborate on my comment earlier, here is a comparison pic of the necklines. FWIW, all three Woot/Anvil shirts I've received were advertised as being on AA shirts at the time of purchase; ML is my usual size.