questionshow long do you give it before dvd / blu-ray…


Until extremely fast, unlimited broadband is available to everyone, they will not disappear anytime soon.

You just happen to be moving towards digital, not everyone is. I'm still buying tons of DVD's, not so much on Blu-Ray's because of the added space requirements (I rip them to my HTPC). The disks are being dumped for cheap because the cost per disk is going down. They are just passing the cost savings to the customer.

Keep in mind when you have a digital copy from Amazon/iTunes/etc, if they go down, you lose access to your media.


While I do believe the future is in streaming media, I don't think that DVD/Blu-Ray are going away anytime soon. There's just not enough, fast enough, cheap enough, unlimited enough broadband access for everyone to move away from physical media. Ten years from now (complete wag, possibly less, maybe more) I think it will happen, but it's gonna take a while to get there.


i love the convenience of digital media, but you can't truly own it. When you are legally able to give away or sell something digital that you own, I will be all for it. Until then, I want my full ownership rights with physical media. That being said, I'm sure I won't win, so I'm guessing about 10 years from now.


Well, the next formats on the horizon are 2K video, then 4K after that. I suppose once some enterprising company decides to make a consumer-level player, and TVs with enough resolution come to market, there will be another shift.


For me now, my dvd player hasn't been hooked up to my TV for quite some time.


I will always prefer to own a hard copy that I can lend, borrow, resell, or convert to my preferred format, backup, etc.

Given that pressed blurays and dvds are more durable and "permanent" than VHS tapes ever were, I have a feeling that both, and definitely bluray, will be around for quite a while.

I also prefer to have access to my media even without a web connection.


I have Fios and I still have video that will not play smoothly. Not to mention I have yet to be the first sucker on anything on Woot due to the slow connection. For me, streaming will not take the place of Blu Ray anytime soon.

Besides, with digital media, I do not trust the industry executives. One crash or cloud mistake and all your stuff could be gone. Good luck getting that replaced at no cost to you.


I own a DVD player, though it hasn't been hooked up to anything in about five or six years. I don't have a Blu-Ray player as I don't yet see a need.

Well over a decade ago, I started using a computer-based DVR. It replaced my VCR completely around 1996, though I occasionally use my old VCR to rip VCR tapes (certainly more often and recently than I use the DVD player).

My media PC does have a pair of DVD players (one is a burner) but I rarely do anything with CDs and DVDs (other than rip them). Eventually, I'll probably add a Blu-Ray player for ripping Blu-Ray disks.

Given how cheap and convinient hard disk and solid state (flash) media are (even at the height of Thailand flood pricing), it really doesn't make sense to screw around with optical media more than once (when you rip it).

Using vinyl makes more sense to my than using optical media (and using vinyl doesn't make sense to me).




only as long as it takes the industry to invent a new device so they can resell those movies to you on the new format.


@jsimsace: You are right world was mistranslated in the sacred text it was Digital Versatile Disc, but because they did not know what digital was but they thought versatile disc was a versatile planet...


A family in my neighborhood bought their first computer last year. I'm sure there are others here who still don't have one. It's easy to forget that there's a whole cross-section of the population that doesn't care about the latest technologies when you're not exposed to them.

In other words, about as long as it takes vinyl albums to vanish, which are still being pressed.


as soon as 2k x 4k is the standard they'll go the way of the beta tape...