questionswashers and dryers: small space recommendations?


I had the small stackable ones at a rented condo. They were serviceable, but tedious. We had to do laundry just about every other day for 2 of us.

They did wash well enough, but I hate doing laundry, especially that often. At the time, I learned there was a washateria down the street that would wash, dry, and fold my laundry for 30¢ a pound. I used them until I moved into a rental with a full size washer/dryer.

ADD: Now the washaterias are about 50-75¢ a pound depending on where you go.


I've never used one of those type of machines, but have you considered the type that you hook up to your kitchen faucet? They're not a whole lot smaller than a regular washing machine but you can just push it out of the way when it's not in use. And of course you wouldn't need typical laundry hook-ups to use them.


i was thinking of getting a Haier like @yessahh posted. the reviews are overall good on amazon and walmart sites. for apartment or condo living where there are no laundry hookups, or you're not allowed to own one but decide to anyway. the reviews give tips like hooking it up to a sink, draining into the tub and weighing the drain tube down so it won't jump around, etc

you can then air dry some items or go use the dryer in the laundry room.
if you have the money and a bit more space, go deluxe and get one like these LG combined washer/dryer models

they're pricey and more permanent but still don't require more than a regular 110 volt outlet. for either type of machine you'll have to adjust your laundry routine anyway


I'm SO glad you asked this, because I have a similar problem. I own, but my place is only 800 square ft - hardly space for a washroom.
I have taxed friendships, wasted hours at the laundromat, and purchased LOTS of underwear. Even handwashing is tricky in WA, there are few days appropriate for hanging laundry outside.
Eagerly watching suggestions - wish those portables could dry as well.


I agree with the sentiment on the stackables being tedious. The lids on the washer (top load) on the ones I've used can't open all the way so getting stuff in/out was a bit of a PIA. If they have front load stackables, that wouldn't be so bad.


@inkycatz: I just bought a drying stand similar to the Portis at Ikea just last week! It's working pretty well so far. It leaves a crease in my tshirts though. Lol. Much easier hanging my jeans on it than on hangers in all the doorways.


@inkycatz: I do have a couple of drying racks, but I'm seriously considering that spin dryer! New concept to me, bet it would keep a lot of moisture out of the air in the home.
Thanks for that, hope you get some workable ideas as well.


i have the ikea Pressa hanging dryer which i use for all my bras. it's sturdy you just have to balance the weight so it doesn't get lopsided

@notanaardvark: this spin dryer is from the same company "Laundry Alternative" and has good reviews.

or check out the LG combination washer dryer link i posted above. those are about the size of a dishwasher


@notanaardvark: I'm getting some really great ideas and links from this thread. Thank you everyone! :)

I am totally going to check out the portis and pressa next time I'm at IKEA.