questionsrecommend a good multipurpose ladder?


Without question the Little Giant ladders are best. I have a lot of ladders but I almost always use the Little Giants because of their versatility and solid feel underfoot. My local Costco (Kirkland WA) has a vendor display special on the line this week. I presume your local Costco will have a similar special event soon.


I have a Werner 26' telescoping multi-ladder. For your purposes, you would probably want a 22'.

Keep in mind that this style of ladder is heavier than the same size standard extention ladder. I love it as a step ladder, but it's only OK as an extension ladder. It took two of us to put it up fully extended as the 26' is over 60lbs. The 22' is about 42. By comparison, a 24' aluminum standard extension is listed as 33.5lbs.


A server error when I tried to add pricing timed out my edit window, so here's post two:

Amazon has the Werner 22' for $195.50 shipped: However if you can pick it up, Home Depot sells them for $168.00 and it appears to be a standard stock item at most stores. Just factor in tax at your locality.

Little Giant ladders are good (still heavy), but usually more expensive than the Werners.


@travelchic75: I have the 22" Werner as well. That thing is pretty awesome, but as you said, a bit heavy.


I have the Werner telescoping ladder as well. It works just like a Little Giant for a fraction of the price. I got mine at Lowes.


The Little Giant ladders are great. I have the same stye but made by Gorilla.

I don't know if that is the exact one I have, but that's the style. I bought it 5 years ago when that style was decently new and it was $200. I hope they are a bit cheaper now. I picked it up and Home Depot or Lowes, can't remember which.

It's very nice to have. It folds up to about 5' tall. And has the capabilities to be free standing or straight. It can reach to the top of the second story of my house for hanging up Christmas lights, but takes up very little space when stashed away.


Today's your lucky day. Check out for a Little Giant ladder.