questionswhat do you call those pictures that change when…


The technical name is lenticular printing:

Though, I imagine that most people looking to buy these pins will not be using that term in their search. I believe that they were called "Magic Motion" cards by Sportflics.


@90mcg112: I just put together a lenticular jigsaw puzzle; it was a massive PITA because you had to tilt every piece before putting it in to make sure you had the right viewing angle to ensure it was where it belonged. It was like doing two puzzles simultaneously.


@supersox: You are thinking of haunted paintings, where the eyes follow you, called ecto-art. These are different.



The best one I have ever seen is one of Jesus winking.


I copied and pasted your exact question into google, and the first response was this question here on deals.woot, second was the answer you were looking for....


@che348: We used to call it "Winkiie Jesus". It was really tacky. I couldn't imagine anyone actually wanting it in their home. My brother sent me a card size picture of the Shroud of Turin that "winks" into a portrait of Jesus.