questionsis it insensitive to give giftcards or cash for a…


I think it depends on the person and the situtation. If it's my family then I want a real gift and I give them real gifts. But if it's someone who works with me or a friend that maybe doesn't know me that well- I'd rather have a gc or cash to buy what I want, instead of something I have no desire for and can't regift.
I've gotten some terrible gifts from people- and I know it's the thought that counts.. but I gotta wonder What where they thinking!? I also wonder-Is this what the think of me? Seriously folks- if you aren't really really really close friends clothing is not appopriate-I've gotten some awful, awful items-(also not my size) Whatever made them think I'd wear a shirt proclaiming my love of chocolate and how I'd harm someone if they didn't give it to me..:shrugs:


Honestly, I think the Amazon card or even cash is fine. Normally, I hate gift cards. You carry them around with you, go shopping, hand the cashier your credit card as usual, and forget to use the gift card. ARGH! At least the Amazon card can be posted to your account right away and used when you next shop.

If the person already knows exactly what you are buying him/her because they told you what to get, it isn't a surprise anyway. And you might get the wrong color or size. Why not an Amazon card - maybe taped to a pack of homemade cookies or a favorite chocolate bar? Sounds great to me!


Most of the time I don't mind getting gift cards from those in my life that I'm not around much or not very close to. Cause those people may not know me well enough to know what I would use or what I already have. At least then they know I'm getting something I'd genuenly enjoy, so the thought behind the gift is full of sentiment. But I have to admit it kinda bothers me when I get a gift card from someone I'm really close to (immediate family, close friends). It's almost like they feel obligated to purchase me something but don't but much thought into it, cause they know my daily life.


My son and DIL, spouse and I all rely heavily on amazon wish-lists, and the "family rule" is that we don't buy stuff for ourselves after mid-November. I enjoy gifting them something I know they'd like, and I also enjoy throwing in a couple of smallish, funny/useful items as well. For service folks and co-workers, I'm happy with gift cards. I get Visa cards at my credit union for a very small fee, and the recipient can buy anything from gas and groceries to jewelry and jammies. These days, many folks need a little extra income, and a Visa gift card works well.


@caron7: Bingo! My spouse is always happiest with an amazon gift card so he can buy more books. We always have a running amazon wish list, and no matter how much the dollar value of a gift card, he can easily spend it in 10 minutes.

When I give gift cards to other folks, I usually also give a smaller "real" gift along with it, frequently home-made toll house cookies.

(Assuming, of course, that I can get the cookies made without just eating all the dough before I bake it.)


I wouldn't personally mind getting gift cards, as long as they're for somewhere I shop from (like amazon, walmart, certain restaurants, etc.) But me getting gift cards for some people just doesn't make sense. Getting a $10 or $20 giftcard for someone that already has plenty of spare cash isn't gonna be as useful or meaningful as an actual item. I have to make up for my lack of money by putting extra time into gifts instead of extra money.


I love gift cards. I don't think they're insensitive. I wouldn't give people an ultimatum, though. I would just go straight to the gift card if you aren't into buying gifts.


@holymythos: Only if there's mass on your birthday every year. christ-mas = Christ mass... (At least, that's how it works in my head?)

A gift is a gift. If your gift to people is a little something to spoil themselves with, I don't see a problem. If they complain - stop getting them gifts.


If they do not tell you what they want, family or not, then they are giving up the right to complain about what they get. For me, I am always tempted to find the most off the wall thing I can find depending on the person.

However though, I have no problem with giving a gift card, especially to a site that has just about everything. People should consider themselves lucky that they are getting anything at all.


I love it. I usually buy most of the things I want all year (no patience), so a gift-card to a store I frequent or a gas card are well appreciated gifts.


I'd say it depends. Generally gifts in my family are those things that we want but can't justify getting for ourselves, so for example my siblings and I are getting kindles for my parents because we know they'll love them, but would never buy them on their own.

However I'm also getting my sister gift cards this year. I talked with her about what her needs are this year, and she's just bought a house. I could try and get her something frivolous and fun, but practicality wins this year since there are things she NEEDS for her house that she should get on her own, especially since she lives in TX and I live in VA now. I just can't get her what she really needs, but she knows that's what's happening and is very, very grateful.

And my brother and sister-in-law are getting something awesome too. I just won't say since they might be stalking me here right now :)

Short story long, Charles Dickens. Long story short, gifts are intended to show you care, however you do that.


I don't know about Christmas, but they're totally appropriate for Kevinmas.


Not insensitive. You are giving them a gift.
And I agree with @Thumperchick on the kevinmas. No regular mass on your birthday means no kevinmas.


I don't think it's insensitive at all, as long as the gift card is useful to the user. I can get Visa gift cards in various denominations for $0 in additional fees, and have used those for various occasions.

It really is the thought that counts. I make cookies, and have never had anyone be disappointed with them. I actually have a couple of kids to buy gifts for, this year, and consider that a fabulous gift to me.

I used to make a charitable donation in my mother's name, and send her the card. Those cards made her very happy. She always had a soft spot for neglected children, and knowing that a local organization had received money in her name was a fabulous gift.

My daughter loves gift cards. I gave her a Bed Bath and Beyond card for her birthday. :-D


I don't understand this penchant for having to give a gift that is perfect for a person, and then feeling guilty if it isn't perfect. (But then, I don't understand this commercial greed season, either.)
It's very much easier to give cash, and let the giftee decide what they really need, and potentially get in on after holiday sales, etc. My kids prefer it, as my idea of great gifts were often clueless in their opinion.


We have a rule in our family that monetary gifts are NOT allowed to go towards bills. This works well for me as I am financially stable, and it allows me to combine the money and buy a larger item I normally wouldn't purchase for myself due to price.

On the other hand, I find this difficult these days, as it seems dumb to give my brother a gift he doesn't really need/want when what he really needs is money for rent/food/utilities.


I am tired of gift cards. I have lost so many of them or they just end up sitting in a pile because I'm too lazy to use them (or they are to places I just don't shop).

Give me cash; cold, hard, cash - not even a debit card or a Starbucks card pre-loaded. Cash, cash, cash.

It's not insensitive in my book, not at all. The possibilities of things to buy with cash are endless! The $200 gift card I lost to a boutique camera store - worthless :( (I'm still searching for it though.)


I often wonder how many gift cards never get spent due to being lost, stolen, forgotten or the the store they are from goes out of business. I don't know too many people who are offended by cash, not in this economy. And...if paying off a bill gives someone peace of mind why not. It should be given to use without restriction.