questionshow many times do you donate?


I was thinking about that this weekend. I am physically incapable of walking past one of the Salvation Army bellringers without donating, so I just keep a supply of dollar bills on me during this time of year.

Same for being asked to donate at cash registers. If it's someplace I go a lot, I'll usually donate a dollar at a time, more if it's someplace I'm not likely to go back to frequently.

I hear you on the St. Jude's kryptonite, too.


I almost never donate at cash registers, bell ringing kettles and the like and never to people walking through parking lots or knocking on doors. I prefer to make my donations a bit more planned, after more research and in larger amounts.
Partly that's just the way I do things. Partly it's because then I can get a receipt for tax purposes. Partly it's because I prefer to donate to smaller organizations and hopefully make a bigger difference to fewer people rather than donate smaller amounts to more organizations.

When I'm asked if I like to donate I generally reply, "Not at this time". It's a truthful answer that does not give any more information than that I'm not donating right then. I might donate later. I might not. The person asking doesn't need to know more and I'm not comfortable discussing my donation habits with store cashiers.


I don't donate at stores or to bell ringers. I usually write a couple of larger checks this time of year to charities that aren't as visible. I have one local charity and one national that I give to every year and then may look for 1 or 2 others if the mood strikes me.


we donate to goodwill all year


I will donate to bell ringers because Salvation Army gave us Christmas a year or 2 when I was a kid and I like the fact that they give work to people who need it at the holidays. I do not donate at cash registers, etc. I do have about 3 or 4 places I give to each month though.