questionshave you suffered from a freak or bizarre injury?


I dislocated my ankle while doing a jump shot in basketball. It was from about 5 feet out. No reason to land awkwardly, but it happened. I spent the next 6 weeks on crutches. It's been 8 years and I still can't use my ankle to it's full ability without tweaking it.


One time when I was on one of my walks, a car did not see me when they were turning right and "tapped" me with their car. I was completely fine but when the car stopped, I punched the hood which ended up messing up my hand and shoulder.


That sounds like what my ex had years ago. The doc said it was called "The Grip" by old timers because you had to grip your abdomen before coughing or sneezing. It was horribly painful.


Does tearing my MCL slipping on wet leaves count? Seriously, one Winter day a few years ago I was just walking on the sidewalk behind my school and slipped on some wet leaves. I didn't even fall down. But my knee really hurt, so I ended up going to the doc and ta-da! one torn MCL. Ranks up there with my most humiliating moments ever....


@tarasadies: make a post on that one...most humiliating moments :)


When I was a kid I had to get stitches in my hand because I sliced it with a butter knife...while cutting apart a frozen bagel.


When I was ten, I was hit over the head with a gun and needed stiches.

Funny thing, it was my kid sister (about four or five at the time) and a cap gun (albeit a heavy metal one).

And no, I wasn't bothering her or anything... I was just sitting on our five foot wide back steps, on the side away from the railing, when my sister who was standing behind me decided I needed to move and wasn't going fast enough.

To this day she still remembers being severely spanked for doing it and she admits I wasn't being bad to her or anything of the sort.


When I was a kid I got bored and destructive, and was tearing down an old shed that nobody used anymore on my grandparents land, and I tried to pull a nail out, hammer thunked me in the forehead, and I went down hard.

No lasting damage though. Hard head wins again.


I once tore my rotator cuff sneezing. I also broke my sternum with my chin when I landed on the back of my head attempting a backflip.


When I was five, I was walking to kindergarten (we were allowed to do that a long time ago). Saw a friend across the street and only looked one way. A Grayhound bus ran across my toes. Lots of blood blisters, but I was pretty lucky.


While mowing my lawn I hit my head on a tree branch so hard I got knocked out.

I woke up on the ground with a giant lump on my forehead that was oozing blood. After several days the lump hadn't gone down and I started pressing on it. Something about the thickness of a toothpick poked out of the center of the lump. I grabbed some tweezers and pulled out a 3/4" long piece of tree branch. Ouch.


I managed to sustain a very severe injury while doing physical therapy to rehab a very minor, completely unrelated injury. And then while I was rehabbing the severe injury, I managed to injury myself even more seriously, again completely unrelated to either of the first two injuries. By then, the season was over and my teammates thought it was absolute hysterical. Really, only I could hurt myself TWICE doing physical therapy in freak accidents!


This one might make women grimace....

Was helping boyfriend's kiddo with his bath. Didn't know that boyfriend opened cabinet under the sink behind me. Kneeledd down quickly and slammed my precious parts into the door. All I could do was run to the bedroom and cry. Went to the obg/gyn the next day. He'd never seen such a bad blood bruise in that area. I think he gave me some blood thinners to help break it up. Ouch to the max.


Whenever we got new furniture in the barracks when I was in USMC, we would have to put it together ourselves. This was pre-Ikea, & most items had been prepped, I kid not, by blind people. Meaning the screw holes rarely lined up correctly.

I was helping another person, we were lifting the big overhead unit onto the top. It slipped, hit me on the right side of my torso. It broke the floating rib OFF, actually did more damage than I realized. I didn't go to Medical (I WAS a Marine, after all!). Nothing they could do anyways.

About 6 months later, I had abdomen pain & elevated liver enzymes. The doctors had NO idea what was wrong, declared it "non A, non B hepatitis"!

Decades later, I'm still getting abdominal pain & nausea, but the VA tells me I NEVER had any form of hepatitis. Then a few years ago, I start getting REALLY bad pains one night. My gall bladder had finally failed after taking that blow. It was removed, and I've never had that pain or nausea again!


I tore my acetabular labrum when belly dancing. Actually the 2nd tear, I'd had one for several years when I tore it again. Too much twist in my Egyptian shimmy!


Hmm -- freak injuries?

1. Last year I was lifting a box onto a closet shelf. My small Yorkie behind me decided to bark. Playfully I turned my head and barked back. I felt an incredible stabbing pain in my chest that felt like I was being cut with a hacksaw along the ribs, along my shoulder blade and clavicle. It took 30 minutes before I could crawl to a phone.

The eventual diagnosis was a ruptured esophagus. Spent 35 days in the hospital. Continued tube feeding for 3 weeks after discharge.

Apparently lifting the box tightened the diaphragm, gripping the esophagus. Turning the head stretches it. Barking requires a deep breath, expanding the diaphragm more. Then the sudden exhale creates all sorts of other stresses.

The staff had never seen or heard of an equivalent injury, so it is a "freak".

And #2, when I was younger, I was working on a missile launcher. A hydraulic line sprayed a fine mist which static electricity ignited. I got cooked pretty well in the ensuing fire. A freak.


Not really an injury, more of a long-term freak issue:

I tend to get bone spurs fairly easily. I had a bone spur in my right ankle that grew through my Achilles tendon, requiring surgery to remove the spur and replace the tendon with the one in my big toe. I now have two large scars on my right leg and am unable to bend my right big toe.


Why are we voting these up? Are we voting on who got hurt the worst? I feel guilty voting them up.

@tpscan: egads.


While on vacation, last night before flying home, I decided to do my wash. Laundry room in the basement. Yep fell from the top stair and landed at the bottom of the 14th one. I woke up two days and two surgeries later with a newly rebuilt arm. I missed out on remembering the medi-flight. Two years now and about 80% use of the arm. Guess what I was told by everyone, yep NO MORE VACATIONS!!


@thunderthighs: I was wondering the exact same thing. What makes someone upvote one of these?!?!? Is it when it's a horrible accident or are they voting for the worst?


I was randomly trampled by a horse as a child.


Lots of accidents, but none I would really qualify as freak. Mostly, I'm just clumsy and too tall for my own good, as the scars on my forehead can contend.

@tpscan: and I thought the flaming ball I got from a bunsen burner was bad...I just lost some hair :/


@thunderthighs: We are not only voting these up, but laughing with a bit of gallows humor at the misfortunate escapades of our Community. Some of us are not only freaks, but also have a bit of twist in our bad sense of humor ;) (Might also explain why guys seem to love The Three Stooges)


I'm a klutz in general. A few years ago, I gave myself a case of whiplash as I was getting out of a compact car while wearing high heels. My shoulder caught the overhead door frame as I stood & jerked my neck. Within 36 hours I began suffering from a REALLY bad headache that only abated when I was supine.

I kept up with my morning runs, powered through work by mainlining Motrin & come home exhausted. On occasion during my runs, or when I clenched my stomach muscles & bore down, clear fluid would leak out of my nose. More than just a runny nose.

Finally told my doctor I suspected I had CSF Rhinorrhea. Had a lumbar puncture done. Sneezed after procedure which popped the seal on the puncture. Even supine, I thought my head would truly explode. 3 days flat on my back sealed not only the puncture, but also the 1st tear. Repeated Botox injections relaxed the whiplash injury.

Last July: Slipped on a rope swing while avoiding water snake=torn rotator cuff. Repair is Monday.


@shavelikeaman: Jeezus dude, how friggin fast do you run when mowing then lawn?? :)


This one didn't happen to me, but back when I was doing home visits on post-surgical patients we had a lady who was setup in her home with a hospital bed, traction, wheelchair etc. She had just had her second round of spinal surgery. Turns out she totally borked her spine doing nothing more than leaning over the front seat of her car and grabbing her purse from the back seat. She apparently had just the exact combination of rotated spine, curvature and weight of the purse that pinched things up just so.
It's one of the most freak accident things I've ever personally come across. I felt horrible for her.


When I played football I had many dislocated & broken fingers. But one really sticks out literally. It happen when I was just about to catch the ball, a defensive back tried to knock the ball away, in doing so he hit my hand and my finger ended up catching the tip of the ball and dislocating it. This dislocation was bad because the bone on my index finger had popped out of the skin, not a pretty sight. Freak accident the funny part was when I headed back to the huddle some teammates saw it they almost puked.


When I was in 4th grade a bunch of us were in the yard playing baseball one Saturday. My neighbor who is probably 5 years older than me was up at bat and I was talking to a friend and I'm not sure how it happened, if I walked behind him or if he moved but next thing I know I'm on the ground, was hit in the face with an aluminum baseball bat. All the neighborhood kids were there, so I couldn't cry (or wouldn't). Actually hit me at the corner of my left eye and cracked the bone. Had a black eye like you would not believe and of course all the blood vessels were busted in my eye so it was blood red. I was fine, I could see, there was nothing drs could do for me. I went to school Monday and the teacher freaked out and sent me home. But because it looked so bad the school didn't want me there, I was home for almost a week even though I was fine. Nothing like a girl with a massive shiner!


@thunderthighs: Ha! Have you never played the verbal game game of "Topcha"?
You know the game? On any given topic, one person lays out an event or incident.
The next story teller says in effect, "You think you had it bad, let me tell you what I did...."
I prefer to think the votes are given along those lines for the best Top-That story.

The cycle goes on until one person has clearly jumped the shark, or all parties are so stunned by what they've heard they declare an end to the contest. We'll see.

While I would have been delighted to skip either of the events I listed, it does confer some benefits in free-wheeling bull-sessions. In certain categories, among certain groups, it is hard to top what I survived. In neither case was I expected to live. Given the difficulties incurred, it is nice to be able to win a beer or two over time. All you have to do is be willing to talk about what happened. ;-)


@okham: Um, yeah, a bit more than hair got singed.
My uniform was heavily starched so it held up amazingly well. When they cut off the carbonized remains, they had a skeletal cuff an collar they "preserved for show an tell. All the cotton was gone, just a carbonized cuff from a BDU shirt.

And if I go swimming, it is easy to see where I wore my belt on that day.
As I've mentioned before, it was 22.5 months before I was officially released from the military hospital.


I've had a couple of really freaky near misses.
I was at girl scout camp one summer and we were getting water from a manual pump. I had put my hand on the part of the pump where this pump on the pump arm comes down and hits the body of the pump. No problem for the first few pumps and then the girl who was pumping really started to get into. The pump arm came down with a lot of force and smashed my hand...right between two knuckles. Hurt like anything and swelled up but nothing broken and I was bruised but otherwise fine.

Working clean-up after floods in Iowa we were tearing a house down to the studs. Lots of construction debris around. I stepped on a particularly rusty and nasty nail and felt it go through the sole of my boot and right between my toes. Not even a scratch on my foot. Pulled the nail out of my boot and I was back to work.


A friend of mine was backing up a fork lift, looking back over his shoulder. He hit a wooden beam which flipped around and hit him in the back of the head from the front of the cab. He suffered a concussion and whiplash. He was working the same job helping to offload a palette with a half ton of merchandise on it when the motor on the trucks tailgate failed and the gate flopped down. To prevent a coworker being crushed, my friend, a big, physical guy, threw everything he had at the sliding palette and saved his co-worker, but broke his back.


@thunderthighs: I had something similar but not as severe in my early teens. I was coming from the horse pasture and took a short cut climbing over the 2x4 rail fence. I was halfway over with my feet on the middle rail on opposite sides, just about to step the rest of the way across when the rail I was standing on broke and dropped me hard onto the top rail. I was pretty bruised up.

Lately my slapstick issue has been with my Great Dane. He has to sit and wait for release to eat. Meanwhile, he is drooling copiously on my already slippery laminate floor. I could bottle his drool and sell it as industrial lubricant. Even when I mop it up the area remains insanely slick till it dries. I have had several ass-over-teakettle falls as the result. The most recent pratfall in December I managed to catch myself on a dining room chair, but tore something in my shoulder that still hurts.


While in high school I head butted a brick wall. Not sure if it's considered a head butt if it's the back of your head...I was playing some game with someone and trying to step back quickly. I thought I was in the doorway. Nope.

I also had a basketball goal fall on my head. It was the type you put sand, or whatever in the bottom and then it's all metal up top. It was a windy day, I walked past it and the next thing I know I'm on the ground confused and dizzy!