questionswhich movie had the better cast, cop land or the…


De Niro skews it a little but looking at the groups as a whole the Outsiders had a better cast.


You could always compromise and go with "Cop Out."

I'm inclined to go with Cop Land, strictly based on star power.


I'm going Outsiders based on the fact most of these guys were just starting their carreers (Rob Lowe's first movie).

I guess I think combining all the future stars is a far more impressive feat than paying a ton of big names to be in a movie together.

I secretly love enemble casts! (Noises off, Cannonball Run, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Smokin Aces)


if you're talking about star-power, box-office draw, and respect as an actor, Cop Land wins hands down. Cruise is the only really big star still alive from the outsiders, and swayze wasn't exactly a superstar either, even if you still count him. Emilio and Lowe are both B-listers today in my opinion


@wingnutzero: I was going to say that. It's hard to choose between Expendables 1 and 2, though. If you are looking at shaking your money-makers, these movies both have a lot of zeroes after their actors names.