questionscan i give a big thanks to @jsimsace?


I keep holding out hoping that one will come in my BOC. Note: This is not a request for 20 calendars.

Woot customer service = second to none.


@lichme: 20 Woot calendars coming your way! niceness is contagious


@w00tgurl: If that happened, I would place one on everyone's desk at work before they came in, and not tell them.


@lichme: Just wait until the end of the year and in to 2013, I'm sure there will be plenty :)


@hackman2007: Wait, I thought the world was going to end in 2012...Wouldn't that preclude the need for calendars in 2013?


Can I get a WOOT! Mayan Calendar?...It would not even need to be all of 2012!


lol my woot calendar along with a monkey was stolen out of my car a few months back.. that and all the change in my console (about $15).. I assume that he/she needed it more than I did lol.. Talk about desperate.


I think I have 2 or 3 left overs. If anyone would like one let me know.


@devexityspace: I have your monkey...if you want to see him alive again you'll follow the instructions I'll be pming you within the hour.


I've also got a couple floating around I suppose I could mail them out to needy woot kids who missed out.


@wilcononomous: Judging from your exuberance I take it that you haven't received your Paypal invoice yet? ;)


@lichme: I'd gladly take one of your 20 woot calendars XP I have none as well and who doesn't want an awesome calendar to show your loyalty to woot in your office! ^^

Thanks @jsimsace and @wootstaff for being awesome as always! Love you guys/girls! ^^


@jseureau: You know I now have a soft spot for you as well ;)


@jsimsace: 10 billion dollars!
I'll start making payments asap.
Thanks again!


@gideonfrost: "not the monkey!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (breath) ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (pan out to universe and breath) oooooooooooooooooo"


@mommyleah: Not sure what for?? But you seem cool and post some good deals so I love you too!!


I have three spare woot calendars if anyone would like. PM me your address.

(No, I only purchased three, the fourth came in a BoC.)


@baqui63: I want one! I have no idea how to PM anyone? I've been a member since 07 and have never had the need to do so


@jseureau: You have to go to , search for a username on the community tab, find a post by that person then click the envelope by their name. It's a POS system but it does work.


@jseureau: Here is a post I made on wine.woot the other night.

Go to that post and, to the right of my username, just above my quality post count, is a little envelope icon that looks kind of grayed out.

Click the envelope and you can send me a PM (Private Message) with your mailing address.

I think I have enough forever stamps to send it out without having to actually go to the Post Office, but if not, it will be at least Monday before it gets into the mail.

Edit: That fracking permalink above isn't working right, so it will just get you to page 17 of that thread. The post from me is the fifth from the bottom of page 17. (And if you or anyone else has comments about 100-ish bottle wine storage cabinets, please feel free.)


@anorion: @jseureau: @devexityspace: Email me here if nobody else was able to contact you. (dev what kind of monkey was it I could probably get you one coming your way I have about 45/50 of them)

I might have 1 more calendar. Possibly 4. I honestly can't remember how many I gave out last time. If I can find a second box of calendar it's 4 more.



PM back at you. Calendar does into the mail in the morning; USPS says you should have it on Saturday.


Sadly, I wish I had a calendar but the voices in my head are saying:

1. These people don't know you. You read their posts and hardly ever post. You're not in the cool kids club.

2. You don't know these people. Do you really want to beg them to do nice things for you? Is it okay to give someone my address? What could go wrong?

Wow, I really am a head case. Enjoy giving and getting! Now I will go back to reading other people's posts.


@jalgal: Who's down with ckc, yeah you know me!



Risking the threat of seeming very out of touch:

What is ckc?




I am such a sad case, I don't even know the slang.

Thanks for the heads up :)