questionshave you or a family member been injured while…


And seriously - when I read the title of your question, I thought it sounded like one of those frivilous law suits. :-D When you put on a pair of 3 or 4 inch high heels, were you injured? Did you teeter over & fall off a curb? Please people - stop this nonsense. Use common sense & good judgement.

I have a pair of Sketcher-type shoes - I did teeter. You must learn to balance yourself in a different manner. BTW: They are good for working your leg muscles. And more. ;-)


No, but I read an article about a law firm that was about to be firebombed.


This is the dumbest lawsuit ever and for it to be a class-action makes it even worse. Just shows dumb people will sue for anything like this


I have a friend who had foot problems that her podiatrist believes were caused by these type of shoes. The podiatrist isn't a fan of them because of the injuries he believes they cause. But I'm not certain it's worth a lawsuit.

Personally, I have short achilles tendons (it's a genetic thing), which means I walk on my toes a bit and get an awesome calf workout just by walking around.


Is it wrong that I immediately pictured a very obese person buying a pair of these and then tipping over and rolling down a hill......

My wife owns a pair of these and she has not been injured by them....

I guess I should sue Burton Snowboards since I lost balance and took a dive the first few times as it was a slicker board than I was used too. (I hate lawyers)


My fiance has 2 pairs and loves them.


I wasn't injured by them but they certainly take some getting used to. When I tried to stand still, I would lose my balance and start walking backwards for no apparent reason.

I don't think it's worth a law suit but I do think the companies that made these shoes should have had a warning label on the boxes from the start.


I have had a pair. I nearly twisted my ankle a few times getting used to them. After I got used to them I was fine and liked them. I guess I am not of the right mindset, I should have sued.


I think a lot of the injuries is because people didn't bother reading the directions-- you have to train yourself to walk a little differently with them.

I have a pair, as does my mother, and we both think they are some of the most comfortable trainers we've ever had. I don't buy that they "give my legs a workout", but they're comfortable!

I did hear there is a settlement in regards to the false claims of "workout shoes", though...


@curli76: If you need warning labels on funny-shaped shoes, you should be forced to wear a helmet 24/7, or not allowed outdoors.



I had the Reebok Easy Tone shoes and I wore them every day to work (8-12hrs) during my entire pregnancy...I can't say I did much else in the way of exercising, and my legs stayed pretty fit! I know it had more to do with being on my feet and chasing small children the whole day, but I could definitely feel muscles being engaged to help me balance when wearing the shoes. The lawsuit was originally filed because of the false claims the companies made...not sure if the class action suits will get anywhere.


I think older people need to be a bit careful. When my podiatrist allowed me to wear shoes again after a plantar fascia tear, he was mose specific in telling me not to wear the shape up variety due to lack of support and the balance issue. I have also read that they do not do what they claim, but it appears that some of you have had great luck with them, so I will pass on that.