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Here is my post about the issue:

@thunderthighs: I love you. Your explanation makes sense. And it's absolutely and total BS. Please tell the overlords that they are literally destroying the community that so many of us have come to enjoy so very much. Many a' questions have been asked along the lines of "Is the deals.woot community dead?" If the goal is to end those questions, then well done because this will literally kill the community.

@gatsby: along with what I posted above, how many questions related to deals do you think people have? How many people will participate in answering the 3? 4? questions asked per week? If there is no harm being done -- and I don't think that there is -- then why change something that has become, IMO, a very strong part of the woot world? Also, "in addition to" makes it sound like both are allowed but the FAQs say no...??


In my post on the other thread, I tried really hard to think of examples of questions "Related to Deals" that didn't belong over on the "Deals" side of the house. Especially since we finally have a definition of a "Deal: an offer available online from a reputable retailer at a lower price than usual.". Since in order to relate to a "deal", a question must de facto be in regards to something that's is available online at a discount, I can't think of a situation where discussion about that item would belong anyplace but in the deals section, under the posting for the deal. So it seems to me that they are eliminating the Community section in its entirety.


As much as we whined about the "chat" tab in the past (and I heard you loud & clear @shrdlu), I wonder if the tabs should be changed yet again to Deals (reserved for questions related to finding deals, not on the deals on the deals side) and Everything Else for all of those of community interest questions? Then we could have toggles at the bottom to sort the questions under each tab by Fresh/Recent and Popular

I do feel for the staff. This hasn't been an ant-free picnic for them.


@moondrake: Perhaps that is their ultimate goal ("eliminating the Community section in its entirety")?


@ohcheri: Given the history of remodeling, if they wanted it gone, I'm pretty sure we'd wake up one morning and find it so.
I think this is simply an attempt to streamline deals (and I write this with a glance upwards at the various & multi woot sites. Definitely no longer streamlined as far as they go.)


I want to make sure I understand this. In the question section of deals.woot, you are no longer allowed to ask a question that doesn't pertain to a deal. Is that correct? If that's the case, my association with this site will come to an end. That includes making any purchases. Basically, I'll never come back to any part of the site, ever.


I guess I had not realized they were trying to get rid of non-deal questions. If they do, I'm gone. Sure, some of the questions are pointless; but the system actually requires questions in order to keep one's ratings up, so in some respects it's an example of "be careful what you wish for." The variety of questions and the comments they generate are what keep me coming back to this site.I've found the site useful in that respect and if they kill that off I just won't bother. I almost get the impression Woot is suicidal.


It's all part of the final touches in an attempt to destroy Woot entirely.

We could flood the system with pointless and boring questions about deals. It seems that's what they want


Don't go Shane!

Seriously, don't just leave. Do what you normally do and or want to do. If you get banned, you're no worse off than if you just left and if you don't get banned, you get to enjoy yourself by either doing what you want our by being an annoying fly in their deals.Woot soup.


@lavikinga: I suspect that they are trying to solve the wrong problems, but I'm not sure how much I care, any more.

For me, this is kind of a yawner. My comments on the other question were downvoted, and I'm taking the hint, thanks.

I'm going to sit this one out.

...on the other hand, it would be funny to pull an @iggz and get banned.

Just saying.


@shrdlu: I saw the down votes. I still have my torch and pitch fork left over from the last rabble rousing. I got your back, yo ;)
We may go down in a blaze of meh, but I'm feeling kinda phoenixish these days. It might be fun, at least until ol' Gatz gets grumpy and picks up the phone to tell us to knock it off.


Of course there are deals for every subject. I've already posted a few to play that game .
eg "Who knows where we can get the best deal on a get well card for @xarous ?"

There isn't a question on ATC that I can't make into a deal question. Just takes a little creativity . Is that what they want ? Will TPTB only look at the Q headers and be happy ? * shakes head *

If there is a question on a deal it should go under the posted deal. If someone is looking for "the best blu ray player" ( I think that was woot's example ) Great, we already do that here. But if TPTB haven't noticed, there isn't a lot of anything on ATC anymore. They have already driven a lot of folks away.
We are the ones that post the best deals imho. We are also their customers.
I say : Power to the People.
Ban away. You will have nothing left.
Of course, I rarely ask questions. This just makes me want jump in more.


@ceagee: I wonder. If we worded it "What's the deal with the housing market?", does that count? Afterall, it does contain the word "deal". I'm sure an attorney could argue your point for you.


But I LIKE and VALUE the opinion of the deals.woot community. Some of the non deal-based questions have turned into great discussions. And the best part, unlike most other corners of the internet, there is very little flaming/trolling/douchbaggery/anger. Never say never, but very little. ATC is the best part of deals.woot. I don't know why you keep this part of the site alive if you don't value that. Unless you want LOTS more "when will my order ship" or "why did the price change" questions and nothing else...


One more thought -- If you have a question about a deal... why wouldn't you post that IN THE COMMENT THREAD FOR THAT DEAL?!?!?!?

I'm confused.


While I've voiced elsewhere, I'd like to restate NO - I don't want it restricted.


Take away my BOC, I'm still here
Take away my AA shirts, I'm less active
Take away my Atc, I don't even know why I check this site anymore


No more "Random Word Thursday"?!?!?!?!


@djp519: yes, you are right that a question on a specific deal would belong in the thread for that deal. I think what is meant is for questions that spawn discussion on products/deals or that might send people off hunting for deals:

Help me find a laptop with XYZ features....

Should I go with cotton or bamboo sheets?

My AV receiver died. What should I look for in a new receiver?


@thunderthighs: "My AV receiver died, What should I look for in a new receiver?"

Would you mind phrasing that as a question? :)


@capguncowboy: I personally loathe thet requirement and prompt. But that is phrased as a question. =P


@thunderthighs: I know it is. However, the system doesn't recognize it as such. It always throws me for a fit.


Of course, every time someone posts something in AtC that pertains to a deal, they get scolded for double dipping.

As others have said, AtC is my favorite part of this entire site. Wootizens helped me name my rescue kitten, find the owners of a stray cat, deal with early (and unwanted) retirement, survive the vacation from hell, and so much more. Discussion of specific deals belongs with the deal postings. Discussions of "Where can I get a good deal on a __?" should be able to comfortably share space on AtC with "What should I name my new puppy?" I can't think of a really good reason to ban such discussions.

C'mon, @Thunderthighs. Is it too late to reconsider, or do we all need to move to to retain our sense of community?


As the person who selfishly mucked up the board with the Google doodle questions that a Woot moderator took specific and pointed exception to, I'm leaving & I'm taking my money & my community rating with me. This place should be able to burst out in community all over now that I've made it safe.


@belyndag: And I still hurt that you didn't name your kitty, barnabee.


@gertiestn: my comment wasn't pointed at you. There we many more google doodle questions before yours.

I think AtC veered off course when we added asking questions to the Leaderboard calculations. The were a lot of fluff questions asked to boost rep. I doubt few would deny this.

My guess is that this was seen as a way to get back to being about Deals. Was it the right way? Dunno.


My answer: "Non-deal related questions will be deleted."

I've asked 25 questions in the last 9 months. Nine were meta questions or at least marginally related to how the site works. My remaining questions average 43 net positive votes. It seems to me that that indicates "the community" enjoyed them. Please note the name of this section.

Frankly, the AtC is what keeps me here and what I learn the most from; I have a strong sense I'm not alone in this.


So now they've removed our purple chairs. They really do want us gone. Sorry, but that's the cold hard truth, and we all know it. I'm not buying the company line as explanation.

And @thunderthighs, I love you, too, but what is this "I think the main goal for focusing AtC on Deals (that was always the intent) to get back to the meat of the site"? Always the intent? Go way back in the history of questions and see if deals were ever the "meat" on that side. You'll find they weren't. Heck, you mods asked tons of non-deal related questions. It's not as if we've all strayed from the "intent" -- the rules are changing, plain and simple.


@thunderthighs: I haven't seen one person who is for this new policy. Don't our opinions count?


@shrdlu: Oh, good heavens! I read the responses to that question and was immediately struck with a nearly irrepressible urge to type "A/S/L ?"

"Oh, look, honey," says The Spouse, reading over my shoulder, "It's a 1995 AOL chatroom!"


@thunderthighs: You said: "...I think AtC veered off course when we added asking questions to the Leaderboard calculations. The were a lot of fluff questions asked to boost rep. I doubt few would deny this. My guess is that this was seen as a way to get back to being about Deals. Was it the right way? Dunno."

Might this mean that the HEAVILY weighted question part of the algorithm will be deleted? Right now, it's weighted (as far as I can tell) above every other calculation. Including adding deals, commenting on deals, answering questions, tattling and so on.

Questions should have been out of the rep algorithm long ago.

Questions, fluff or not, should remain. Atc is loosely translated...Ask the Community. <----- joke Staff wants to make it serious. Seriously?


@gmwhit: You're right that the leaderboard is heavily weighted toward questions.

I've been doing an experiment. I have not added any deals or voted on any deals in 6 months and I still have a black triangle. All I have done in those 6 months is participate in ATC.

I'm not highly ranked but I am still #56 on the leaderboard for doing nothing but answering questions and voting on questions and answers. Previously I was in the top 10 when posting and voting on deals so I've slipped a little but not much, in my opinion.


@thunderthighs: Go to the Ask the Community menu and search on the term "doodle." Notice the results. Yeah, there were "many more google doodle questions before yours," but most of them were posted by me.

But I received your message loud & clear.


@gertiestn: I really didn't notice who posted them so it definitely wasn't aimed. It was an example. Sorry that you took it personally.


@thunderthighs: then why don't TPTB just eliminate the ask a question component of reputaion...or even eliminate the reputation completely...that will most likely eliminate many of the pointless questions asked


@cengland0: I've noticed the same thing. I went from being inactive in AtC for a while and ranked 200 something, to top 5 in a matter of days with mostly just forum activity. I highly disagree with the leader boards, because there are many people who contribute much more to the community that I do.


I think it's time to finalize all this offical rebranding: replace the exclamation point with a question mark.


So long, all. It's been fun.


@thunderthighs: just curious, are these hands being trown up in disgust at me personally (don't think so but gotta ask) or just one of those your guess is as good as mine type of motions?


@shrdlu: Enjoyed that link, although it was before my time as far as AtC participation. I don't do FB or any other social media. Woot is as social as I get. (Sad, isn't it?)

I am an old timer who came to the computer later in life. I just got my feet wet a few years ago. I looked around and stayed here because of the humor, weirdness, oddballs, sarcasm without too much snarkiness, clean language, intelligent and witty dialogue. Please don't take away the questions which aren't deal related.


@natedogg828: Don't overthink it. It's an "I dunno" - your guess is as good as mine.


@thunderthighs: First time in a long time someone accused me of thinking (let alone overthinking). Here's to hoping that our comments in these questions are looked at as constructive criticisms and not griping for the sake of griping to arrive at a more universally accepted FAQ. I understand that unless I wrote it myself I will not be completely happy but there has got to be a more agreeable middle ground here on some of these items.


@hot72chev: Well said. Ditto for me on all points.


@cengland0: I did sort of an opposite experiment. For several weeks I posted, voted and commented on deals posted and only viewed questions. (It was VERY tough! I had a compulsion to at least ANSWER things!) My rep dropped rapidly, regardless of the popularity of my deals or deal comments, or the amount of voting on deals and deal comments. Obviously AtC weighs pretty heavily.

@barnabee: Sorry! Maybe next time! But you should be relieved since she frequently walks across my keyboard and places orders. If she were going by "barnabee" she would have cost you a fortune!


@belyndag: Your experiment's end result is interesting, and I'm glad to know why you seemed to be AWOL for a while.

I see another conflict coming up; it's already in play but will likely get worse, given the wording of the new FAQ. The FAQ now affirmatively encourages down votes and tattles, but as far as I can determine down votes hurt us on the leaderboard. I'm not sure if it's the raw number of DV's or if it's the ratio between DV's and UV's, but I've noticed the more deals I DV, the lower my "deals voted for" score is.

As a result, I've severely curtailed my DV's, which isn't the way the system is supposed to work, since it reduces the crowd-sourced reliability of voting. To add insult to injury, though, there are days when there are so many bad deals that it's actually hard to find deals to upvote. Maybe TPTB will finally start banning the IP's that continually post deals that aren't permitted here. Maybe.


@magic cave: You said "there are days when there are so many bad deals that it's actually hard to find deals to upvote"

My thoughts exactly! I have practically stopped voting.


Oh look, it's time for the next round of alienate our power users!!!

awww it looks like the masses aren't doing enough asking of SEO optimized product questions that can drive sales through the affiliate links! gasp... It really wouldn't be a problem if the policy of heavy handed moderation from one of the previous alienation "victories" hadn't meant that they have to pay someone to read all these non-optimized discussions, and then pay more people to read the fluff questions spawned by way the reputation algorithm works!

The solution is clear, it is proven that power users are disposable, new ones have always popped up. Alienation and more efficient moderation of the next batch will fix everything! You don't have to pay someone to read a question they just deleted!


gosh you guys are so fun to watch

maybe now we'll have fewer I'M QUITTING WOOT FOREVER REALLY THIS TIME questions


Here is my analogy: AtC used to be like Calvinball; carefree, happy, the rules were unclear and seemingly fluctuated, sometimes people called foul and threw tantrums, but generally a good time was had by all.

Now it seems like Hobbs and our favorite mask have been taken, and instead we have been handed an odd, flat bat and told to play Cricket. The rules seem as stringent as they are confusing, and even the people who laid them out don't know how to make them work without making the whole affair a confusing, dull mess.