questionswhat are your most enjoyable memories with woot?


I've always really enjoyed the wootizen boc exchanges. I love picking out random crap to go in the one I send, I love hearing the recipient's reaction to my crap, and I love receiving a big box of someone else's random junk. For some reason it just brings back those childhood feelings of when Christmas was exciting. The fact that I don't know more about the people I'm sending to or receiving from other than a screen name and perhaps a few snippets of info from posts on deals.woot makes it even more fun.


I actually remember my first deal that made it to the top of the deals board. It was so awesome like I accomplished something even though I had nothing to do with the item or price. I also remember the first time I hit the top 10. I felt like I worked so hard to get there and thought it would be my one and only time ever being there. More recently I decided to get more involved on the other Woot! sites. I have so much fun looking for additional info on the products and getting those quality points, which I currently have 1211 of. Earning the quality points at time makes me feel like my voice is being heard there, even if it is only being heard by @thunderthighs, @manhandsha , @rogetray and @pemberducky


I remember discovering DW and learning that Woot sites offer so much more than the Deal-A-Day things. The forums are great, but DW really got me involved. As @conanthelibrarian wrote, I was thrilled the first time one of my posts hit the front page, then the top. I still get excited when one or more of my deals makes it to "popular" status (haven't we all secretly wanted to be popular?). Of course, reaching that black triangle and getting my invitation to the meetings behind Walmart's dumpsters was particularly exciting, and seeing my name hover in the top of the Leaderboard is great. I finally made it to the top spot only recently. Yes, I saved screen shots.

But, as @purplefeather said, the Wootizen BOC exchanges are the most fun we have here. One person's trash is another person's, well, trash. But at least it's new and exciting trash!


Without a doubt my most enjoyable moment would be setting up the Wootizen BOC exchanges and "running" the past two of them. While they do create extra work, the idea that I'm creating and maintaining something larger than myself is something special. Not to mention the joy and interest that the Wootizen BOC exchanges bring. It's special. It's different. It's something you can't really get anywhere else. The exchanges make you feel like an actual part of a community, as if we all know each other and are sending "crappy" tidings.

Other notables...
Becoming number 1 on the leaderboard for the first time (and secretly hoping to get a bonus BOC)
Becoming the "Top Voter" for a week straight
Receiving and maintaining a black triangle for years
My only BOC
Pretending that I was the one that convinced Woot to try breaking up the BOC offering into multiple slots throughout the Woot off with the help of @agingdragqueen

So many good memories and good Wootizens along the way!


The funny thing is.. what I listed was most memorable, but I had nearly forgotten about my free ipod touch that I got for getting a Community Top Pick during a Jumbowoot month. I do miss those awesome coupons though, but it was fun while it lasted!


Winning a boc, one item per day until it's gone.

Now... I don't woot very much. Place has turned into Amazon's Steep and Cheap, except the deals aren't as good. If the number of people clicking through deals.woot and bothering to vote or leave comments is any indication, I'm far from the only one who has lost interest. People seem to be leaving in droves.


I remember when Woot was young. Me and Susie had so much fun...

A long time ago, in a town kinda far away...I used to work 2nd shift so I'd usually be up when the new item of the day went live. I remember the shock of stumbling upon my first Woot-off. I didn't know what was going on and when I realized that there were multiple items on the same day and they just kept coming, I thought that was pretty cool.

(Still no BOC though.)


I will always remember TODAY because for the first time ever I am Yesterday's Top Voter! Woo Hoo! Still not sure how that happened.

I remember discovering Deals.Woot. I had been a Wooter for years, but didn't know anything about participating in the community until about a year ago. I will remember the first time one of my deals made the top of the popular page, and getting my BlackTriangle. I loved doing "theme posts" like when Jumbo and everyone left. I remember my first quality post, which hasn't been that long ago.

I am about to participate in my first Wootizen BOC Exchange, which I am sure will be a lasting memory. And IF I ever get a BOC from Woot Proper, I bet I'd remember that!


I hope this question is not a prelude to more farewells.

For me - discovering the wonderful quality of the ATC side of things on deals.woot. That's what keeps me here for hours. Otherwise I would have glanced around via an app once daily, and moved on.

And I would have spent much less.


1) first BoC snagged...back in the days of them showing up during wootoffs
2) the people over here on the deals side of things
3) snagging a BoC to get my black square


In 2012 someone posted a deal that saved me $100. A store was selling $50 Lowe's gift cards for $40.

I went to that store and there was no limit. I bought 10 of them. Now I've got $500 worth of hardware that I only spent $400 on.

Nothing beats a good deal!


Memes. There have been some fun...and posted connected to them.


There have been a few, but the most memorable sent me on a search on Ask the Wooters (now known as Ask the Community) that took FOREVER. I finally found what I was looking for.

Get a cup of coffee, and sit down for a bit. This is going to be a long one. Okay, I lied, but that question has (brace yourself) 181 answers. For the short answer:

In the long ago days, when Deals was still fairly young, many people got a strange email that said "Deals woot wants to know where you live" and asking us to check our accounts and make sure the address was correct. Ages later, after most of us had forgotten about the email, SURPRISE!!!

The best part about this wasn't so much the surprise, but that someone had gone through, and given each and every one of us a nickname. I still have the mailing label (in a Lucite frame), with "First Class" in between my first and last names.


Two or three years ago I got three $20 coupons ($60!!) from Woot all during the holiday shopping season. Good times.


My first woot off, i didn't know what was going on. i had already made a good amount of purchases by then, but this new staying up for 2 days straight thing was VERY exciting for me, lol. I remember staving off sleep playing xbox, with the wootalyzer chat open, and snagging ridiculous amounts of useless junk which took several weeks to arrive at my door.

Wound up doing that quite a few times in my early woot life.


@devexityspace: Your settings are private, we can't see the cake video!

@goatcrapp: Ah yes, those were the days...


Loved it when BOCs showed up randomly at 12 ct. Since I'm et, I had to stay up till 1 every night. And my very first one had a working Robosapien with batteries in it.

And when Toon was dressed as a bunny.


Way too much for me to list. There is so much to enjoy around this place. Basically, I love the randomness of everything. Blogs, people, deals, games etc. First I started at woot main, then expanded to deals.woot, then moved over to shirt.woot. Always finding new stuff to keep me interested.


@shrdlu: Once again, I earnestly thank you for your contribution(s). This link/question was an eye-opener to me. Long before I came on the scene. Was heartened to see such a friendly back & forth of responses.

Nothing like that since I've been here. Am somewhat jealous. Definitely sad. Lucky you. And all those who are no longer here. Understand why they left, too.

::sniffle:: For all that was, and is no longer.


Too many to name -- iPod touch probably wins -- I am sure the Golden BOC for winning the deals.woot fantasy football league would have been nice (had snapster actually sent it) too.

I think a top spot probably goes to taking over the leaderboard for about a month with @cowboydann and having a "cowboy themed deals" party to celebrate.

I don't want to talk about the "good ole' days" as if they're over. For some, they're just beginning. This place has changed but the people here are still awesome. I think a lot of us just got used to the awesomeness and it lost it's magic (or we just don't have the free time to be as active as we'd like).

They're all good times. :)


Jeeze, I remember when we were all getting ready for the switch to woot 4.0. All the devs were up late getting things ready and working on the changes. A lot of them came over to deals.woot chat and posted photos from inside, people working hard into the night, keeping us updated and giving us hints as to what to expect in the new woot.

The cowboydeals day was definitely fantastic. I loved the memedeals, it was always nice to see how creative the community could get.

I always enjoyed the give-aways and contests I got to run, they were a lot of fun and it was always great when I could get jumbowoot to pony up some prizes and give away some small coupons for prizes.

You could always count on 3AM woot-off crazyness... I'm pretty sure there was one woot-off I stayed awake for 95% of it and it got ridiculous when it rolled into day 3.

I love how the community has always helped each other when they were down, and given advice for all our problems big and small. 3 cheers for woot


My most enjoyable memories....

Anything Woot before the current Woot.

I loved the coupons, the famous crab rebellion which I wear my shirt every first Tuesday in November, scoring some great deals - not just good deals and most of all - a good laugh every now and then in the community....

Maybe it is time for the crabs to rebel again and make ourselves heard.


I guess I'm coming late to the party :p

My favorite? Probably this day with Onecco:

Any good ol' lynching with @capguncowboy was great!


When I was in the hospital recouping from a life-saving liver transplant I got an unexpected BOC from woot. It was pretty darn awesome, packed to the gills with all sort of fun little things and about a dozen shirts that I looked forward to wearing once I was able to get away from the oh-so fabulous hospital gown wear.

That, and funny enough, I miss getting into debates/arguments with Adder back when shirt.woot had a much higher rate of traffic. And nightghost, a regular forum poster and commenter.

But not Mandy the Mannequin, the creepiest thing in wootdom.


My wife and I got to tour Woot headquarters in Texas... IT.WAS.AWESOME! We even touched the famed paper mâché head of Ken Jennings.


Staying up for all but about 4 hours, watching t-shirts fly by, during the last Shirt.Woot Woot-off. I got into some interesting conversations, purchased 6 t-shirts, then got to see my name included in the next day's t-shirt write up, which was a play on the night before.


@bluejester: That's so awesome! How many websites would treat their customers that well? Not many.


when Sellout.Woot launched on Yahoo shopping. for a week or two they offered crappy items for $0.01 they were plasticky crap but it was exciting to buy such crap for such cheap..


Crab Day

$5 dollar shipping for an entire day.


CAKEFISTING! Also the extremely generous wedding crap that ADQ sent my wife and I last September. And the wootoff theme song. And Illandar's edgy blog posts.


my son was born during a wootoff, 2009. Best item, ever. + Free shipping.

Here is the only item I purchased.. ( I was somewhat busy )


People hanging out for hours every night waiting for the new woot. Oddly most were east coast waiting for 1am.

Not even being able to look away from the screen for a few minutes after a woot off, because there would always be a flood of dirty pictures that had to be deleted! Some were really funny, and some totally gross.


@caver2130: Looks as though I will be touring the Dallas Woot facility this Friday, if all goes well. Since you're an expert, what should I look for?