questionscan you recommend a meditation/relaxation app?


I use the white noise found here

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Relax and Sleep by MIZU SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS from the android market

but there are many sounds, perhaps you can find one that will access your inner calm.

Better have it turn off your notifications after 11 too.


I don't know about apps but I do use music at times to help me relax or meditate. Amazon and I'm sure others have free/cheap music. Some of the titles I've used are '33 Bowls'- this is singing bowls, another is titled 'Probably the best music for relaxation and meditation'. That one will slow down rambunctious children. There are many others, you can always sample and see what suits you.

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When I need to transition from being awake and alert to calm and ready to sleep, I just eat a bunch of ribs. Is there an app for that?


Sleep Machine is a good app. A great website (if you can leave it in the background) is Both provide good white noise, which is very useful for clearing your head or falling asleep


@jrpigman: Actually, I've been told no food after 9 p.m.


@xdavex: Thanks, I'm pretty sure I've downloaded several "calm down" mp3s via Amazon deals posted on Woot, but they always disappear into the ether of the Amazon Cloud, lonely and unlistened to. I should look for them.


@jrpigman: I've also been instructed not to eat after 9 p.m.


An iOS app called "Relax with Andrew Johnson" has high reviews, with many insomniac-skeptics reporting falling asleep within minutes. It's $2.99. I can't vouch for it (my problem is waking up, not falling asleep), but might be worth a shot.


Meditation is usually known as best exercise for our body, mind, and soul. It is assumed to be the perfect stress reliever technique. What make this process so effective is that it disconnects you from the outside world and increases your focus on inner soul. It keeps your mind relaxing. You can meditate almost anywhere; apps on Smartphone will be the best tool to start this practice effectively. Here's one good app called “Calm” that helps you to meditate in most promising way. It allows you to start quickly with its free “7 steps of Calm”, each focuses on breath, posture and mindset of your body.