questionswhat flavor cake should i get for my wedding?


chocolate chip cookie dough.

no1 no1

If you're doing a tiered cake that's easy -- get your favorite flavor for the top. For the other layers, get a variety. I did carrot cake for my topper. Not because overall it is my favorite, but that baker made an awesome carrot cake. If your bakery has a specialty (many are going nuts now with all the flavors thanks to Food Network cake shows), try it. Ask them what sells best. I had three layers for the guests -- chocolate, vanilla, and carrot. The carrot and chocolate went over best.

If you're only choosing one flavor, I would say chocolate. Every time I have seen people have a choice, the chocolate generally goes better than vanilla.

If you're a traditional sort, stick with vanilla. People will still eat it.

My best advice -- make sure the cake tastes good. Looks are secondary. No one wants to eat sawdust with fondant on it.


Chocolate stout. My current favorite cake.


Yellow cake, chocolate icing with dulce de leche and banana between the layers.
Next question.


Someone has to say it...

Devil's Food

mmm delicious cake (only chocolate cake type I enjoy)


@gmwhit: that is fabulous. i like it.
@raremonkey: what does the other participant in the wedding want? that would be my vote.
since you are having a small wedding (17 i believe you said) why not just go with your true favorite?

and congrats on the marriage. may it be long and filled with love.


@gmwhit: awesome cake
@moosezilla she said she just wants something simple so kind of more up to me I guess


I had an ice cream cake - with multiple flavors :) We had it made by Cold Stone (who refused to make a "wedding cake" BTW, but we promised we just wanted a plain cake and had someone else decorate it). They didn't make large cakes, so we just had a bunch of small round ones and put them together with some bridge pieces to make a nice display. We had the largest sheet cake they made in the back as extra cake which was just sliced up, not displayed. Every cake was a different flavor to give people options. The top one was cake batter with brownies since that is my favorite. And my lovely husband sent my brother out to get gummy bears to put on my piece, since that is really how I like my ice cream, but of course I didn't make the cake like that.


Hot sauce! Different layers of cake can have different layers of heat!

The bride and groom should be made of a ghost pepper and a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper respectively.


cherry chip is yummy and fun!
also red velvet, french vanilla, spice cake
cheesecake usually goes over well too

if there will be more than one layer do more than one flavor!

Or cupcakes in different flavors are really popular.

whatever you do stay away from fondant...looks good tastes awful.
Every cake Ive eaten with fondant on it I've peeled the fondant off. It's yucky.


I second @hessem's comment about fondant, it's nasty.

I'd try to pick flavors people are going to like, you don't want to pay for a cake and then have no one eat it. We did a layer cake and had each layer a different flavor. Everyone's favorite was the white cake with a layer of raspberry jam in the middle, we also did a layer of yellow and a layer of devil's food. I can't remember what we did for the top layer. Buttercream icing was on the whole cake. I do know there was not one piece of cake left over and the only piece I got was the piece when we cut it. We also did dessert trays on each table of little finger desserts.

Good luck deciding!


Yummy is all you need to order!


Raspberry!! or Strawberry!! or Black Cherry!! or ...........


Its your wedding...Go to the baker, sample everything, and pick YOUR favorites. Or get complicated and order different tiers from different bakers (all while sampling everything they have to offer) and build your own.


I agree with an earlier poster, taste is important. We went to taste cakes at multiple places before deciding. My wedding was MANY years ago so we went a simple white cake for the wedding cake and chocolate for the groom's cake.

My niece had a red velvet cake. It looked really nice.


Split the difference:



I attended a lovely intimate wedding reception last fall. The couple saved themselves a tidy sum at a reputable bakery by going with assorted softball sized cupcakes (each cupcake could serve two people) arranged on swirling tiers with fresh flowers in small vases interspersed among the cakes. You can imagine the reactions of the little flower girls and ring bearer upon seeing what appeared to be a mountain of cupcakey goodness.

Everyone had so much fun selecting our flavors. Those of us seated with me at the table shared cakes so we could sample all the versions. SO much delicious cake! It was fantastic!

There were boxes provided as well to bring home leftovers. The groom said they about fainted when pricing cakes and realized the cupcakes were a clever way to have many different flavors AND keep within their budget. The carrot, coconut, & red velvet cupcakes were divine.


@lavikinga: that sounds amazing, and delicious! what an interesting way to do the cupcake thing and it sounds like it looked beautiful.


A good rum-soaked fruitcake with royal icing and marzipan.

Takes a long time to make, but it's spectacular--really memorable--not like the cheap, sweet cakes that lots of bakeries crank out fast covered with fondant (which is nothing more than a shortcut for them).


One of the best parts about planning the wedding is getting to do CAKE TASTINGS!!!! WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING CAKE TASTINGS??!?!

Okay, so that said, we went with almond, but had it narrowed down to lemon pound cake, banana nut, and the almond.