questionsare you doing anything special tonight to wish a…


I'm going looting. Yep. My neighbors won't be putting up a fight because they'll only miss it for a few hours before the world is engulfed in flames/flooded/blown to bits/frozen in permafrost/attacked by aliens.


Not really. I'm not in the path of any known superstorms, coyote attacks, or Godzilla fronts - so I'm good. Check on the Zombie Apocalypse supplies, just in case. Add some sunscreen. Have some eggnog.


Going to head to nearest, highest point and welcome the end, if it doesn't happen then maybe have a campfire and roast some smores.


Anybody got a time on this? Should we stay awake, or take a nap and get up for it, or maybe just sleep through it, set the DVR? head for a bar and use it as a pick-up line?


Damn, forgot about the end of the world. Just ordered some stuff from Amazon. Guess I don't have to worry about it being here by Christmas or paying the bill. Time to drink those last beers..


Tonight I am hosting an end of the world film festival. We'll be watching Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow and of course 2012. There will also be board gaming and much snacking. Unless the world ends on schedule 2.25 hours from now as scheduled. But I live in the middle of nowhere and it takes everything forever to get to us, so I figure we have at least 24 hours extra.