questionswhat is the most effective laptop cooler?


I picked up one of these a couple months ago:

Using with my 17'' Macbook Pro, couldn't be happier!

I often have my computer sitting on my bed while using Skype or sitting on my blanket-covered lap while I watch a movie. Stays nice and cool with this one, has been very durable for constant travel between home and work too.


I just spill a gallon of water on mine. Then I go out and buy a new laptop.


This is by far your best choice especially considering most laptops like a Macbook Pro only have two USB ports. Why suck energy from the laptop when you don't have to:


@kalkoala: I tried one of these before and it warmed up within an hour.


I don't know if you would be interested in this - perhaps your use of your laptop is beyond the capabilities of such an item - but I keep my laptop cool using a wedge of foam marketed by Belkin. I can't seem to find an example of it online anymore - maybe they stopped making it - but it is just a wedge of foam, with a large hollow space in the middle. No power anything on this, but it angles up the laptop to get you more space underneath to circulate air. It is as wide as my thinkpad (with 15.6" wide screen display), this model happens to be brown on the outside and blue on the inside.

It has worked very well for me. Pluses include its cheap, extremely light, uses no power, makes no noise, and puts the laptop at a nice height for typing.

On the other hand if you're playing 3d games at high res all day long (not saying you are, just using that as an example) you would need something more powerful.


@lparsons42: Here's the one I use:

I also used it with my previous thinkpad - which was a P4 - for several years until I decided it was time for a more modern CPU.


second the Antec Laptop cooler. i bought mine from Amazon last year for a different laptop and i've noticed a very visible drop in temperature when using it.